Peach pastries

You don’t have to hit your local farmers’ market to get the freshest peach flavor this summer. French chef Delphin Gomes, director of the pastry program at Cambridge School of Culinary Arts, is making La Peche ($6.99 each), a confection that closely mimics the fragrant fruit. After soaking a brioche orb in light peach syrup, Gomes fills the rounds with a poached-peach-studded pastry cream. Raspberry puree adds a slight blush to the creations. For the final authentic touch, a dusting of granulated sugar becomes the fruit’s fuzz. Though they’re available most weekends through the summer, call ahead to make sure there are still some ripe for the picking. Shubie’s, 16 Atlantic Ave., Marblehead, 781-631-0149GILLIAN O’CALLAGHAN