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Save Wild Oysters


A local company is helping people do good by drinking well. Proud Pour, founded in New York and now based in Boston, is raising money to restore wild oysters in local waters — by selling wine. Each bottle sold of The Oyster ($20-$23), a sauvignon blanc, supports the restoration of at least 100 wild oysters; cured seashells are placed in waters to create a setting where juvenile oysters can grow. Los Angeles native Berlin Crystal Kelly is partnering with the Massachusetts Oyster Project. The bivalves are key to sustaining aquaculture because they filter the water and form reefs that provide a habitat for fish and crabs. The crisp white wine, which pairs beautifully with oysters and other seafood, is bottled by a vineyard on California's central coast. Sip wine and help the ecosystem. Available at Liquor World Cambridge, 13 White St., Cambridge, 617-547-3110; Social Wines, 52 West Broadway, Boston, 617-268-2974; The Spirited Gourmet, 448 Common St., Belmont, 617-489-9463; Upper Falls Liquors, 150 Needham St., Newton, 617-969-9200; or go to www.proudpour.com ANDREA PYENSON