Rent a cake pan at the Brookline Library

Sara Slymon

Cake pans have gone public. Use one, clean it, and return it with your library book. Yes, you go to your local public library for books, but you can also go for your favorite cake pan, which comes in a large plastic bag with instructions for baking and decorating. Use your library card to check it out. Libraries all over the country are trying out innovative programs. Last month the main branch of the Brookline Public Library launched its Cake Pan Collection, consisting of 50 pans from a basic Bundt to novelties like Darth Vader, Elmo, and Santa. Now you can skip the expense of buying a pan that gets a single use. According to library director Sara Slymon, the innovation is a big success; most pans have circulated at least once. Will Proust’s “Remembrance of Things Past” and madeleine pans get checked out together? Available at Brookline Public Library, Framingham Public Library, Hudson Public Library, Millis Public Library, Somerset Public Library, and Dover Town Library Ingrid Lysgaard