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Holiday bagel pop-up


Flavorful, New York-style OMG Bagels! have a crisp crust and a dense, spongy interior. The Waltham company that makes these hefty, chewy rounds will be at a pop-up at The Street in Chestnut Hill until the end of the year. Among the 17 varieties are bagels ($1.25 each; six for $6.50; 13 for $12) with tops and bottoms laden with seeds, raisins, or cinnamon chocolate chips. Asiago bagels have the cheese baked in and melted over the crust; rings of chiles adorn a jalapeno-cheddar bagel. You can also buy a spread. This is the first retail outlet for OMG Bagels!, started two years ago by Jorge and Ana Maria Vinha, who sell their wares at farmers’ markets and to dozens of hotels, restaurants, and shops. The store is easy to spot because an art installation, Everything, a 5½-foot-tall sculpture of a trio of stacked bagels, sits out front. The company also produces an OMG! Challah, and created an egg-rich, honey-sweetened Chestnut Hill challah bagel. At first bite, customers might say, OMG. OMG Bagels! at 7 Boylston St., The Street, Chestnut Hill,, through December. ANN TRIEGER KURLAND