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Put an illuminated cork in it

Of all the post-holiday refuse — wrapping paper, cards, waxy peppermint bark, tooth-chipping ribbon candy, and needle-dropping pine trees — we’ve found something in the recycling bin that’s actually quite useful. Hang on to your empty wine bottles. They now have the potential to serve as your next dinner-party centerpiece. The savvy, design-centric company Suck UK has developed a rechargable LED Bottle Light that resembles a cork. Pop one into the top of an empty wine bottle and you have an instant (and dare we say cool) low-light lamp. It’s also handy when dullard dinner guests run out of conversation topics. Simply point to your glowing wine bottles and say, “Hey, have you noticed my glowing wine bottles?” They offer great ambient light for outdoor parties. When the Bottle Light starts to dim (in about three hours), charge it through a USB port. The Suck UK lights are $14.95 each, but you can find knockoffs on Amazon, such as a three-pack for $14.95.

Available at all Boston-area Paper Source locations and online. Less expensive versions can be found on Amazon. CHRISTOPHER MUTHER