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The Plate restaurant opens in Milton

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Chef Tim Slason.Pat Greenhouse

Staffers at The Plate, a tiny bakery-cafe in Milton that serves elevated comfort food, have fielded the same question for weeks: “When is the new spot going to open?” That day has come. The Plate restaurant opened last week, upstairs at the Fruit Center Marketplace in Milton. At 2,300 square feet, it is more than twice as large as the cafe. Employees say “Big Plate” features the same seasonal, from-scratch food as “Little Plate.” Only now there’s an abundance of tables at which to sit and enjoy the food, plus a La Marzocco espresso machine and a barista to serve coffee aficionados. Chef Suzanne Lombardi, cofounder of Dancing Deer Baking Co. and Tiny Trapeze Confections, owns both branches. “We’ve been busy with lots of our regulars popping [in] to wish us luck,” says Lombardi. “People love the space.” Doors open at 6:30 a.m. to accommodate commuters seeking bacon butty sandwiches (Brit-style, with house-made HP sauce) and other breakfast items. Those in search of lunch might try lentil ragu or Sicilian tuna sandwich. There’s a mezze bar, too. Tim Slason (below) is chef at the new location, which emerged in concept a year ago, when marketplace owners asked Lombardi to expand her business into the small shopping complex. “This opportunity fell into my lap,” says the Milton native. “I got excited about putting something here that really fits in the neighborhood.” The Plate, upstairs at Fruit Center Marketplace, 10 Bassett St., Milton, 617-696-5274. The Plate Restaurant & Cafe, 27 Central Ave., Milton, 617-698-8900. www.theplatekitchen.com. PEGGY HERNANDEZ

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