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At Loyal Nine’s cafe, the Cascara Fizz is an intriguing iced alternative

The Cascara Fizz.Lena Johnson

We are about to head into iced coffee season. Iced tea season. Iced coffee. Iced tea. All of this cold-beverage drinking can get so repetitive. There is a third way to cool off on warm days — the Cascara Fizz, a beverage that combines some of the best attributes of tea and coffee, along with the bubbles of soda. Cascara, which means “shell” or “peel” in Spanish, is the pulped skin of coffee cherries, sun-dried after the bean has been removed. At Loyal Nine’s cafe in East Cambridge, they steep the product (from house roaster Dark Matter Coffee) for three days, sweeten it with just enough raw honey, carbonate it, and serve it over ice ($4 for a 12-ounce cup). The result is fruity, earthy, slightly winey, and very refreshing. 660 Cambridge St., Cambridge, 617-945-2576,

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