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Quick bite

Oath brings thin-crust comfort to Chestnut Hill

Spicy Mother Clucker pizza at Oath.
Spicy Mother Clucker pizza at Oath.Lane Turner/Globe Staff/Lane Turner/Globe Staff/file

Where to Oath Craft Pizza’s Chestnut Hill branch; there are others on Nantucket and at South Station.

What for Creatively topped thin-crust pizzas cooked in 90 seconds flat.

The scene Comfortable. Everything a modern suburbanite might require is here at Chestnut Hill Square: Wegmans, Anthropologie, ample parking for luxury SUVs. Oath is packed — but not overly so — with satisfied shoppers munching pizzas at midday. Cashiers offer encouragement regarding food choices (“Sriracha is amazing!”); a manager circles the room toting samples of cheesecake pizza with strawberry sauce. A pizza maker busies himself at the toppings bar, filled with bins of jalapeno relish and barbecued pork; close your eyes and open them, and you’ll swear you’re at Chipotle.


What you’re eating Crackly, thin-crust pizza available in whole ($10.95) or half ($6.95) portions. Purists beware: This is not Pizzeria Regina. Instead, you might find yourself ordering a Spicy Mother Clucker topped with Sriracha chicken and pickled red onions, or perhaps the Dougie, featuring roasted potatoes and ranch drizzle. Or take matters into your own hands with The Selfie, a choose-your-own adventure with sauces like truffle or cilantro garlic, proteins, and vegetables — opt for as many as you desire for $10.95 ($6.95 for half portions). There are also chalkboard specials like “The Porky Pig” ($11.95 or $7.95) with figs and brie. Virtuous diners might opt for Whale’s Kale salad ($8.75), accessorized with parmesan crisps, or the Romaine Empire, heh heh, with roasted garlic and pancetta ($8.95). Inquire about gluten- and dairy-free options; staffers are eager to please.

Care for a drink? Enjoy an array of Stubborn Sodas, including black cherry with tarragon and lemon berry acai, plus grapefruit or clementine Izze Twists.

Overheard Portion admonishments; menu mystification; first-world problems. “What in the world possessed you to order a whole pizza with sausage?” a well-dressed woman asks her husband, who shrugs sheepishly. “Would you like to try some cheesecake pizza?” offers a smiling manager, holding out a glistening sheet of dough. The sausage-loving husband reaches for a bite. “I think we found a winner!” he chuckles. Two women sit together, picking at salads. “Some college applications are just impossible to fill out,” one fumes, adjusting her sunglasses atop her head. “I always get my dry cleaning done by the pound. My one problem is shrinkage,” a lady in a black shawl and jangly silver bracelets tells a pal. “Is ‘Mother Clucker’ two words?” a customer inquires.


210 Boylston St., Chestnut Hill, 617-467-4232, www.oathpizza.com

Kara Baskin can be reached at kcbaskin@gmail.com. Follow her on Twitter @kcbaskin.