Savenor’s Market — a go-to for Julia Child — now at Fenway

Ron Savenor of Savenor’s Butcher & Market.
Ron Savenor of Savenor’s Butcher & Market.barry chin/globe staff

With the season opener behind us, it’s time to start thinking about Fenway food. It’s easy to spend a pretty penny on snacks at Fenway Park. Between the smell of griddled onions from the sausage vendors and your kids begging for soft-serve in plastic baseball hats — not to mention the ever-increasing price of beer — you are going to throw down for refreshments. But starting this year, the burgers, at least, might be worth springing for. The popular Savenor’s Market is the new official butcher and meat supplier of Fenway Park. Savenor’s is known for its whole-animal butchery and an outspoken customer base including nose-to-tail chef Tony Maws and a jovial cook named Julia Child who lived around the corner from the Cambridge shop.

“I am so humbled and honored by this experience, I can’t even begin to tell you,” says owner Ron Savenor, whose grandfather opened Savenor’s Cambridge location in 1939. “Oh my God, the Fenway people, the Red Sox people, just have been unbelievable.” The master butcher and avid Sox fan credits his father, and Child, for leaving him with a legacy to expand upon. “You know, every day, you like what you do, you want to be the best, and you try to do that, and you get kind of caught up in your own world, and you don’t really realize the regard that people hold you in.”


Savenor says it all started with the hamburger. “About a year ago they were unhappy with a hamburg product they were getting and someone says, ‘Talk to Ronnie at Savenor’s, he’s got the best hamburgers.’ . . . So I said, ‘Whatever you need, I’d be glad to.’ We did this taste test and it was a hit, pretty simple. And one thing led to another.” Now Aramark sources all its burger meat from Savenor.

In addition to the burgers, Savenor’s will be providing steak and turkey tips for concessions, as well as the meat for premium dining. If you are lucky enough to spend a game in one of the box seats, Savenor says, you can really see what Fenway’s executive chef, Ron Abell, can do with the product. “That is really the huge part of the business, the premium dining, [the guests] are paying for it, they should have that experience.”


But even those with tickets in the nosebleeds can sample the fare at the Savenor’s branded concession stand on Yawkey Way, where you’ll find specialty sandwiches from the butcher shop.

Savenor is clearly thrilled by the opportunity, and really just wants you to try the new food at Fenway. “I tell people, you know what? Everyone can preach that they are the best, but that doesn’t mean anything unless you taste it and like it yourself.”

Savenor’s Market, 92 Kirkland St., Cambridge, 617-576-6328, and 160 Charles St., Boston, 617-723-6328, www.savenorsmarket.com


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