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Chef Jody Adams to leave Rialto

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Jody Adams, pictured at Rialto in 2014.Barry Chin

Chef Jody Adams has announced that she will leave her flagship Italian restaurant, Rialto, in June. Adams has been the face of the Charles Hotel stalwart for 22 years, during which time she fed a medley of Cambridge characters and loyal diners.

"I'm going to miss driving into Harvard Square, seeing the people. Hotels are communities and tiny villages. Then there's my staff, and an amazing army of regulars. That's going to be really hard. I'm already tearing up," she said.

On the plus side, she's looking forward to spending more time with her family.

"Spending time with my husband after working six days a week is really appealing," she said.


Adams also said she has new projects in the works, in addition to downtown restaurant Trade and the recently opened fast-casual Greek spot Saloniki in the Fenway.

Rialto will continue to operate, and current chef de cuisine David Ladner has been promoted to executive chef. To make the transition official, Adams plans to throw a "big, fat" farewell party in June.

"This is an amazing restaurant that has given me a home and a professional foundation. This is where I grew up, and we have all agreed that this is the right time for a change," Adams said.

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