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The story behind the window portraits at Waltham steakhouse Flank

Brian Samuels

Where Flank

What Corpulent men spray-painted on salvaged windows in the Waltham steakhouse’s dining room.

Whose Idea The throwback steakhouse is known for “beefsteak,” a protein-and-testosterone-fueled meal traditionally eaten with one’s bare hands in the early 20th century. In the dining room is a mural of one such wild gathering, painted by Boston-based graffiti artist Percy Fortini-Wright — inspired by an old photo, it depicts Mark Twain being honored by humorists. Fortini-Wright then plucked two guests from that scene and repainted them on the restaurant’s windows. The images have caused a stir. “Most [guests] are intrigued. We’ve gotten some that love them. Some say they’re scary and weird. I even got an e-mail that came through the website asking who they were,” says general manager Nick Mackenzie. True enough, the men look a bit like haunted Monopoly characters, but this is in line with Fortini-Wright’s style — the artist is known for his “Children From Beyond” series.


Flank, 74 Tower Road, Waltham, 781-893-5265,

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