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Lactose-free ice cream that tastes like ... ice cream

Elyse Lebel

Katy Flannery, 26, has an all-time favorite food: ice cream. Growing up, she would savor a bowl of the frozen treat every night for dessert. But at 18, the North Attleborough native faced the fact she was lactose-intolerant. She bought some lactose-free ice creams, but they weren’t enjoyable. “As a lactose-free consumer, there was no ice cream available to me with texture, taste, and quality,” says Flannery, now a nurse at Boston Children’s Hospital. So she began to experiment with making her own and used regular milk she then treated with lactase, an enzyme that eliminates the lactose. The result was delicious. Last year, Flannery, with business partner and former college roommate Gwen Burlingame, a marketing specialist, worked with a local lab and launched their company, Minus the Moo. The two churn out premium, lush ice cream made with milk from High Lawn Farm in Lee, and it’s lactose-free. At Commonwealth Kitchen in Dorchester, they mix the bases from scratch and use local ingredients to hand-craft small batches of Madagascar vanilla, chocolate, espresso, sea salt chocolate chip, and mint chip (about $10 for a pint). It’s so creamy and full-flavored, you would be hard-pressed to taste any difference. “Our ice cream can be equally enjoyed by everyone,” says Burlingame. Available at Golden Goose Market, 179 Commercial St., Boston, 617-367-8134; South End Buttery Market, 312 Shawmut Ave., Boston, 617-482-1015; Foodie’s Markets South End, 1421 Washington St., Boston, 617-266-9911; Bee’s Knees Supply Company, 12 Farnsworth St., Boston, 617-292-2337; and Sundays at SoWa Open Market, 530 Harrison Ave., Boston, and South End Open Market @ Ink Block, 375 Harrison Ave., Boston.


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