Tipping Cow Ice Cream gets its own store

(Suzanne Kreiter/Globe staff)

The peach and brown sugar flavor at Tipping Cow Ice Cream is laden with chunks of pureed peaches and has hints of molasses. It is ultra-flavorful and dense, just like the other selections at this new Somerville scoop shop. “We like intense flavor,” says Anna Gaul, 26, who recently opened the store after two years of selling her frozen treats to shops and at farmers’ markets. “The ice cream is so rich because less air is whipped into it.” Gaul studied pastry for a year at Cambridge School of Culinary Arts, but chose ice cream as her craft after a two-day course. She weaves in her baking experience when making the frozen desserts, swirling in cooked fruits reminiscent of pie fillings and blending in fragments of cookies. The strawberry cheesecake flavor has swirls of cooked strawberries and shards of graham cracker; cannoli cheesecake is embedded with bits of cannoli. For sundaes, Gaul plops scoops onto generous-size homemade chocolate chip cookies and brownies. Before she opened the store, the ice cream maker worked at a shared kitchen in Cambridge, but eventually needed more space to keep up with demand. “It’s the best problem you could have,” she says. Her original intention was to find a new kitchen, but when she landed the Somerville spot, Gaul says, “we liked the neighborhood so much it was foolish not to open the door and make it a scoop shop too.” So she and her boyfriend, Dang Pham, 26, refurbished the homey shop themselves, leaving remnants of the old deli and convenience store it used to be. She still uses the same red paper cups she did at farmers’ markets, with the logo of a cow off-kilter she drew herself. Tipping Cow Ice Cream, 415 Medford St. Somerville, Also available at American Provisions, 613 E. Broadway, South Boston, 617-269-6100; Spindler Confections, 2257 Mass. Ave., Cambridge, 617-714-4871; Spirited Gourmet, 448 Common St., Belmont, 617-489-9463. ANN TRIEGER KURLAND

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