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A new oyster, only in New Hampshire

Brian Samuels

At the Franklin Oyster House in Portsmouth, N.H., there’s a new oyster on ice, appropriately named the Franklin. It’s farmed in nearby Great Bay by Tim Henry, owner of Bay Point Oyster Company. The one-year-old restaurant on Fleet Street has an exclusive arrangement with Henry to buy all his Franklins. Matt Louis, chef-owner of both Franklin Oyster House and Portsmouth’s Moxy, describes the oyster as having “good ocean brininess, good meatiness, a touch of sweet fruitiness like melon, and is super well-balanced.” The bivalves are delivered every Wednesday, and by the end of the weekend they’ve been happily devoured by oyster-loving patrons. But not to worry. The Franklin harvest will soon be doubled as more reach market size. (It takes about three years for the oysters to mature to a standard 3 inches.)

In addition to serving a dozen different types of Eastern oysters, the restaurant offers an eclectic menu, including house-made charcuterie, grilled octopus, lamb meatballs, seared scallops, and delicious crispy fried chicken. Hop in your car, head north, and taste some of New England’s finest oysters. The Franklin Oyster House, 148 Fleet St., Portsmouth, N.H., 603-373-8500, www.franklinoysterhouse.com. LISA ZWIRN


Lisa Zwirn can be reached at lisa@lisazwirn.com.