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The story behind the American flag at Lincoln Tavern & Restaurant

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Where Lincoln Tavern & Restaurant

What A 35-star Union Army American flag, hand-cut and stitched during the Civil War. The 35th star represents the admittance of West Virginia to the Union in June 1863, during Abraham Lincoln’s presidency. Now it hangs in the South Boston restaurant’s back dining room with a plaque explaining its history.

Whose Idea Erica Diskin of Assembly Design Studio snapped it up at a flea market on a trip through Georgia, and luminaries ranging from Governor Charlie Baker to Julian Edelman to Josh Ostrovsky — the Instagram sensation known as The Fat Jew — have since posed next to it, says general manager Will Clark. “It was in tough shape when Erica bought it, but we realized it was the restaurant’s talking piece, and it ties to the whole ‘Lincoln’ theme,” he says. “Now we have everyone from government officials to women having brunch and bubbles taking pictures with it.”


Lincoln Tavern & Restaurant, 425 W. Broadway, South Boston, 617-765-8636,

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