Where Menton

What Zalto glassware from the famed Zalto Glasshutte in Neunagelberg, Austria, a region known for glass-blowing.

Whose Idea Menton’s executive wine director, Cat Silirie, was visiting her friend Fred Loimer at his eponymous winery when she caught sight of these delicate glasses. “It was a eureka moment,” she recalls. The hand-blown glasses use ancient proportions to enhance aroma and drinkability, and because each one is handmade, no two are alike. Taste is paramount: The glasses’ shapes imitate the 24-, 48-, and 72-degree tilt angles of the Earth, based on an ancient Roman theory that such curves improve taste. (Remember that for your next dinner party.) Menton is the only restaurant in the country to use Zalto exclusively, Silirie says, much to guests’ approval. “It’s about the sensuality, the glass, the lighting. People are always taken aback at their beauty and glamour,” she says. “These are some of the most beautiful glasses you could dream of.”


Menton, 354 Congress St., Fort Point, Boston, 617-737-0099, www.mentonboston.com

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