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The story behind Legal Harborside’s indoor fishing pond

Legal Sea Foods

Where Legal Harborside

What An indoor trout-fishing pond for kids, adding outdoorsy flair to the Seaport restaurant’s lobby.

Whose Idea Legal Sea Foods honcho Roger Berkowitz grew up fishing at the bygone Norumbega Park along the Charles River, and he wanted to replicate the experience for Legal Harborside’s pint-size (and perhaps squirmy) guests. “I used to go fishing with my father once a month, and I loved the thrill of the catch and the mind-set,” Berkowitz recalls. So he installed a licensed fishing pond stocked with trout, open from 11 a.m. until 1 p.m. on weekends, ringed by a waterfall with a fish-scale backdrop. Kids love visiting with their parents (grandparents are popular visitors, too). But never fear: The fish won’t get gobbled — this pond is strictly catch-and-release. “It’s fun and educational.
We’re not going to skin and fillet
them for the kids,” Berkowitz says.
No need to bring your own rods,
either; Legal supplies them.


Legal Harborside, 270 Northern Ave., Boston, 617-477-2900,

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