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Dining Decor

The story behind Deadhorse Hill’s chalkboard mural

Caroline Amighi

Where: Worcester’s Deadhorse Hill, staffed by alums of Watertown’s Strip-T’s and Brookline’s bygone Ribelle.

What: A chalkboard mural created by wine director Julia Auger, featuring a prominently placed octopus.

Whose idea: Auger was known for having a little bit of fun with Strip-T’s chalkboard specials when she was a server there — once, for example, she drew an octopus with its tentacles wrapped around the Boston skyline. She has a 4-foot-by-12-foot canvas for her aquatic imaginings at the newish Deadhorse Hill in Worcester, where guests can ogle a purple octopus, electric pink cherry blossoms, and even Mount Fuji in one trippy mural. “My 3-year-old nephew comes in and loves to look at it,” says Auger, who has some artistic background but isn’t a professional artist. Gaze at the splendor while you still can, because Auger might start over with new chalk art soon. “It won’t be here forever,” she warns. Or will it? “Everyone really does have this natural affection for octopus. And squid.”

Deadhorse Hill, 281 Main St.,Worcester, 774-420-7107,

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