Quick bite

Mexican fare with a sport-bar vibe at Scorpion Bar

Barry Chin/Globe Staff

Where to Scorpion Bar Patriot Place, a new Mexican-themed restaurant from Big Night Entertainment Group (Empire, Red Lantern, GEM).

What for A sexy-tequila-meets-sports-bar experience.

The scene Classic rock is thumping, and the place is full on a Friday night. Walls are covered in wood planks and adorned with skulls, red light shining between the cracks. Wrought iron antique chandeliers hang from mirrored ceilings. A TV screen takes up the better part of one wall. Women in date-night outfits sprawl on divans; dates sip from scorpion bowls and gaze into each other’s eyes. Young dudes in backward ball caps cluster at the bar, and groups take selfies at round tables. A bachelorette party arrives, everyone wearing “Bride’s Friend” T-shirts. At the bar, a group of diners descend on a caddy of hot sauce with glee. They finish their margaritas. “Would you like another?” asks one of the sweet bartenders, well coached to never let anyone get parched.

What you’re eating An assortment of Mexican-inspired fare — from guacamole, tacos, and enchiladas to carne asada “Philly” rolls, cheeseburger burritos, and “screaming” Scorpion chalupas.


Care for a drink? Margaritas are here in many flavors, along with a host of other cocktails, scorpion bowls, and a long roster of tequilas. Wine and cerveza too.

Overheard Talk about the Red Sox, tequila, and suburban disputes over driveways. “She had my sister when she was 19. She was a grandmother at 38. Can you imagine,” one woman asks another. “I feel like the worst cougar,” says another with a giggle. A new song comes on. “Where’s the dance floor?,” a man asks his friends. “There’s all ages of people here!,” someone observes. “I know! That’s what’s really funny,” her friend replies. “I feel like I’m at Disney right now,” a man tells his wife. A group of bros order tequila shots. The bartender smiles as she serves them. “That’s so pure you won’t have a hangover,” she says.


253 Patriot Place, Foxborough, 617-274-1745 (or 617-274-1744 if you’re a VIP), www.scorpionpatriotplace.com

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