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Now Somerville has a cafe devoted solely to oatmeal

The savory bacon and egg oat bowl at Oat Shop in Somerville.
The savory bacon and egg oat bowl at Oat Shop in Somerville.Suzanne Kreiter/Globe staff

Where to Oat Shop, which bills itself as Boston’s first oatmeal cafe.

What for Oatmeal, you fool, plus coffee and tea, on the outskirts of Davis Square.

The scene Mellow. Two young lasses in ponytails and tight jeans oversee oatmeal prep while pausing to text during lulls. College-age pals gather at a small table, talking about lucky starlets. There’s little in the way of decor, save for a large framed portrait of letters spelling out “OATS,” propped atop a wooden countertop next to a sticky pitcher of honey. Justin Bieber’s “Sorry” plays in the background.

What you’re eating Oatmeal is the common theme here, of course. Opt for sweet ($5.75) or savory ($6.50) mash-ups, served in sturdy containers like ice cream sundaes. On the sweeter side, perhaps Banana PB, peanut butter with mashed bananas, or Apple Pie, swirled with house-made applesauce and maple syrup. (How is every toddler in town not here?) Or go savory with toppings like fried eggs, bacon, sweet potato curry, kale chips, pumpkin seeds, or smoked salmon. A Sushi Bowl — a tub of avocado, ginger, and shards of roasted seaweed spiked with lemon soy sauce and rice vinegar — is an economical alternative to the real thing. Adventurous oat-eaters can create custom bowls with mix-ins like Greek yogurt, scrambled tofu, Taza chocolate, or vegan cheese; certified gluten-free oats are available upon request.

Care for a drink? Caffeinated options abound, from Americanos to lattes to cappuccinos, hot or iced. There’s also Boston-based Nutty Life cashew milk and Spindrift seltzer.


Overheard Discussions about television, celebrity-spotting, and politics. “Susan Sarandon is going to be Bette Davis. Or maybe it’s Joan Crawford,” a winsome lass tells her friend over coffee. The chatter proceeds to Emma Roberts. “She’s in all of these fashion and style things, but it’s because her aunt is Julia Roberts. I saw her in a play in New York City. It was so good, and we waited outside in lousy weather for her to come out, and she didn’t even stop. She just walked by! I flipped out,” her friend vents. Outside, two young women pause in front of the window to read the menu. “I feel like I’m unbearable now that all I talk about is politics,” one says with a smile, careful to avoid a large piece of avocado that’s been smashed into the sidewalk.


22A College Ave, Somerville, 617-996-6581, www.oatshopboston.com

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