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ScottCakes cupcakes, all year long

Ralph Alswang

Follow the sweet scent of warm butter and sugar that drifts from a tiny underground storefront if you’re walking on Commercial Street in Provincetown, across from the library. It’s ScottCakes, a cupcake shop with walls painted pink. You won’t find a selection of designer cupcakes here, only one type — a buttery, golden vanilla cake crowned with flamingo-pink buttercream frosting swirled to a pointy tip ($3.75 each; $1.75 for a mini). The old fashioned flavor brings a rush of childhood memories. “People say these are like grandma’s cupcakes,” says owner Scott Cunningham, who bakes hundreds all day in the back kitchen using a recipe he tweaked from a 1950s Better Homes & Gardens cookbook. Cunningham, 49, was a New York City actor and a nanny and developed the recipe to bake cupcakes with the kids. He first came to Provincetown in 2008 for a six-week theater run. He wound up staying and selling the confection first as a street vendor and later opened the shop having developed a reputation for his cupcakes. When the season is over and the store closes and they are gone, customers don’t fret. Cunningham ships cupcakes all year long. 353 Commercial St., Provincetown, 508-487-7465,