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Authentic tortillas, straight from Vermont

Vermont Tortilla Company

Few tortilla producers use the ancient and drawn-out technique of nixtamalization to make the pliant wrappers. The process starts with simmering and steeping dried corn kernels in water and mineral lime for hours to break down the outer shell and then stone-grinding the mixture into masa, or dough. Vermont Tortilla Co. in Shelburne crafts fresh, artisanal tortillas this way. April Moulaert and her husband, Azur, who was raised in Costa Rica, started the tortilleria two years ago and use local, organic corn. The true corn tortillas they eat when they visit Mexico every year inspired the couple. “A great taco isn’t just the fillings but the quality of the tortilla,” says April. Their sturdy tortillas are made with volcanic stone-ground masa, and taste nutty, earthy, and have a robust corn flavor and grainy texture from tiny shards of kernels (packs of 14 4-inch tortillas or 10 6-inch, both $4.99). You might just warm some on a griddle and eat them plain with a spread of butter. Available at Whole Foods Market, South End, 318 Harrison Ave., Boston, 617-904-1000 and 40 Railroad St., Andover, 978-749-6664; Cambridge Naturals, 23 White St., Cambridge, 617-492-4452; Pemberton Farms Marketplace, 2225 Mass. Ave., Cambridge, 617-491-2244; Joppa Fine Foods, 50 Water St., The Tannery, Newburyport, 978-462-4662, or go to www.vttortillaco.com. ANN TRIEGER KURLAND