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Insider: Not spent for nothing

Without grain there is no beer. Without spent grains there would be no Brewer’s Crackers. These are the delightfully crisp and tasty crackers that Kyle Fiasconaro makes using spent grain, a byproduct from the beer brewing process. From his native Long Island to Brooklyn to Boston, Fiasconaro tested spent grains in bread, granola, and crackers. For the former chef and forager, the crackers were a winner. In March, he started selling four varieties — Original, Sesame Sea Salt, Honey Graham, and Spicy Peppercorn (5 ounces for $4.95; $5.95 for the Honey Graham) — which he bakes at Cutty’s, the popular Brookline sandwich shop.
Cambridge’s Lamplighter Brewing Co. provides the spent barley and wheat. Cracker enthusiasts will undoubtedly agree that the chef’s five years of experimenting were well spent. Available at Cutty’s,
284 Washington St., Brookline, 617-505-1844;