With Better Bagels, the Seaport gets a schmear

Lane Turner/Globe Staff

Better Bagels in the Seaport.

By Globe Staff 

Where to Better Bagels, a new Seaport spot selling hand-rolled bagels, with and without the sandwich toppings that love them.

What for Reliable bagelry. Before this brick-and-mortar shop opened, you had to seek out the New York-style bagels at a pop-up, or find one of the few places they were sold.


The scene A wee storefront on the same block as Yo! Sushi and Ben & Jerry’s. There’s a steady stream of workers from breakfast through lunch: Woody Allen lookalikes, Woody Allen ingenue lookalikes, women wrapped in plaid scarves, men with earbuds dangling from jacket pockets. The line moves quickly, and people are (mostly) patient. Ambient music plays to soothe the restless. A woman with cherry cola-colored hair and a lip ring works the register; a guy in a Better Bagels shirt and cap brings out the sandwiches when they’re ready. Almost everyone seems to be ordering the chipotle turkey sandwich.

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What you’re eating Bagels every which way. You can get a dozen to take home, in varieties including plain, salt, sesame, poppy, everything, cinnamon raisin, whole wheat, and egg. You can order them spread with butter, hummus, peanut butter, or cream cheese in a multitude of flavors: plain, garlic-scallion, veggie, Cajun, lox. You can have a breakfast-oriented sandwich, such as an egg and cheese, or the Brooklyn, with lox, cream cheese, tomato, capers, and onion. Or veer toward lunch with the aforementioned chipotle turkey, ham and cheese, or a combination of your own invention. On the periphery, you’ll find yogurt, fruit, maybe a cookie.

Care for a drink? Bagel-friendly beverages are on offer: coffee and tea, hot or iced, plus a few kinds of juice and soda.

Overheard Debate over toasted vs. non-toasted bagels, work gossip, agony and ecstasy pertaining to favorite bagel varieties: “Do they have salt? They have salt! Yes!” “Ahhh, they don’t have any marble!” Two friends arrive and look around: “Oh, there’s nowhere to sit.” “Bacon, egg, and cheese is good all day,” a savvy young man informs his companion. “I’m so excited for vacation,” a woman tells her co-worker. “I’m so excited for my bagel,” the co-worker replies. “I got you napkins,” someone tells her friend, who laughs: “You know me too well.” A guy in a suit tries out a dad joke: “You know what the Buddhist monk said? Make me one with everything.”

83 Seaport Boulevard, Seaport District, Boston,

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