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Insider: Reasonably priced elegance with these flutes

Tall and sleek, the Raye Crystal Champagne Flutes by Viski look as if you made an investment, but in fact they are reasonably priced. Sold as a set of two ($20 to $26 for both), they have a smooth lip and can hold 8 ounces of bubbly but are perfect for a generous 5- or 6-ounce pour that leaves room to prevent spilling or splashing. Because they are taller than some flutes, they may topple easier on a crammed coffee table or from a wagging dog tail, but their height also makes them look chic when the dinner table is set and feel elegant in your hand as you toast the New Year. Available at Cambridge Wine & Spirits, 202 Alewife Brook Parkway, Cambridge, 617-864-7171; Greentail Table, 343 Watertown St., Newton, 617-244-3510; Redstone Liquors, 115 Main St., Stoneham, 781-438-9265, or go to