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Insider: EAU GOOD makes tap water taste better

This cleverly named water bottle series uses a traditional Japanese binchotan charcoal filter to make tap water taste better. The replaceable filter (designed to last six months) keeps in the healthy minerals but filters out the chemicals and balances pH. A cleverly sculpted nipple on the side locks the charcoal in place. The traditional EAU GOOD in glass or BPA-free plastic comes with a trendy cork/stainless steel topper with a loop for easy carry. The sophisticated design harkens back to old Victorian bottles with “a modern, but almost retro utilitarian aesthetic.” The EAU GOOD DUO infuser, which just launched, lets you turn tap water into great tasting fruit water. The leak-proof spout top connected to an internal strainer cap lets you load the bottle with fresh fruit but still get great flow. $34.95 retail., and