Insider: Pancake and waffle batter your muscles will love

Pancakes made from Klean Plate Bliss Protein Pancake Batter.
Pancakes made from Klean Plate Bliss Protein Pancake Batter.Benjamin Blythe

Kelly Sanders needed to fuel up with high-protein foods while training for bodybuilding competitions, but the diet left her taste buds wanting for more. “When everything was removed from my diet, I missed the texture and flavor of comfort foods,” said Sanders, 28, a nutritionist as well as a culinary school graduate, former sous chef at Petit Robert Bistro in the South End and recipe tester at America’s Test Kitchen. So Sanders developed a recipe for a high-protein batter yielding pancakes and waffles with a sweet, cake-y texture reminiscent of a cupcake. She could eat them every day while training and still meet her goals. She named her invention Bliss Batter, which she sells (about $30 a quart) through her company Klean Plate. The high-protein, gluten-free, low-carb and low-sugar batter includes cottage cheese, eggs, ground-up oats and whey protein powder, and makes delicious flapjacks for a nutrient-rich meal or snack. Available at Foodie’s Markets, 1421 Washington St., Boston, 617-266-9911 and 230 W. Broadway, South Boston 617-266-9911; Wildflower Pantry, 575 Washington St., Brighton, 617-276-6299; Olive Connection, 1426 Beacon St., Brookline, 617-879-9980; Fruit Center Marketplace, 10 Bassett St. Milton, 617- 696-5274 and 79 Water St., Hingham, 781-749-7332., or go to www.kleanplate.com.