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Taybeh Brewing Company

Esteemed as the first microbrew in the Middle East from its founding in 1995, storied Palestinian craft beer Taybeh is available on American shelves for the first time, exclusively (for now) in Boston-area liquor stores. Founders Nadim and David Khoury have ties to and family in Greater Boston, and David’s son Canaan is spearheading the brand’s US expansion into an appreciative new market. In addition to the flagship style Taybeh Golden, a German-style Pilsner, Canaan is importing other offerings such as Taybeh Dark, a malty, full-flavored brew. So far, the response has been great: those skeptical of a beer from Palestine become enthusiastic after the first sip; those who already know the beer are thrilled it’s finally available here. While exporting from their brewery outside Ramallah poses considerable logistical hurdles (most foreign craft beers don’t have to pass through military checkpoints en route to shipping ports), the effort is worth it for the Khoury family. “We’re not just selling Palestinian beer here,” says Canaan, “We’re selling a Palestinian image.”

Taybeh beer is available at many Boston-area liquor stores. For a full list, see www.taybehbeer.com