Love artichokes but hate the prep work? The Artichokester is your new friend


By Ann Trieger Kurland Globe Correspondent 

You need to have patience to prep an artichoke, especially to get to its heart, the most tender and succulent part. You have to deal with tough, thorny petals that prick your fingers, and when you find the interior fuzzy choke, it needs to be scraped away. Chef’n recently launched the Artichokester ($15), a tool shaped like the thistle with a saw-style blade to make the task a breeze for both raw and cooked artichokes. Align the center ring with the artichoke’s stem and saw into it to loosen the heart. Pull the tool out and you will have cleanly released the heart from the leaves. A scoop is included to scrape away the furry fibers. Use the leaves for dipping. Available at Sur La Table and Williams Sonoma locations.