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Quick Bite

Lunch and rockets

Model rockets hang from the ceiling at Little Dipper in Jamaica Plain.Suzanne Kreiter/Globe staff

Where to Little Dipper, a new Jamaica Plain restaurant serving breakfast, lunch, and brunch in the former Centre Street Cafe space. (Dinner is coming soon.) It’s run by the people behind Tres Gatos and Casa Verde.

What for Pancakes with a side of outer space. The restaurant has a space theme, with model rockets hanging from the ceiling and space-travel posters on the walls. (Strangely, it’s the second space-themed diner for the area; Roslindale was previously home to the pop-up Astro Diner.)

The scene In a room decorated with aqua paint and sparkly black vinyl upholstery, beneath a fleet of more than 40 brightly hued rockets, JP brunchers tuck into poached eggs and sip mimosas. A woman in a flamingo-print dress takes a selfie with a skillet. There are several babies in the house. Co-owner David Doyle holds the door for some new arrivals. At a table beneath a poster that reads “Kepler-186f: Where the grass is always redder on the other side,” a guy sexy-eats a doughnut and his girlfriend laughs.

What you’re eating Chef Robyn McGrath serves up Apollo acai bowls, “Saturn’s double stack” of buttermilk pancakes, huevos rancheros, house-made doughnuts (a Centre Street Cafe staple), and more at brunch. Breakfast features a similar but slightly smaller lineup. At lunch, you’re likely to find Galactic burgers, assorted salads, a rice bowl, and the Courier flatbread, topped with chickpea patties, greens, herbed yogurt, and tomato-cucumber relish.


Care for a drink? Morning patrons may be drawn to the OJ/coffee/Bloody Mary side of the spectrum. For later in the day, there’s beer and wine.

Overheard Discussion of rockets, doughnuts, and neighborhood development. A child points at the ceiling: “Look, Mommy! There’s real rockets and they actually flew!” A father and son debate: “I can’t figure out which is my favorite.” “I like the rainbow one!” “What have you been up to?” a fellow asks his friend, who answers, “Mostly remodeling.” A server comes by with important information. “The doughnut is Boston cream,” she says, beaming with excitement. “I feel like this has revolutionized our lives,” one woman tells another as they dispatch buttermilk pancakes.


669 Centre St., Jamaica Plain, 617-524-9217,

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