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Barre at the Bar lunch to raise money for breast cancer research

Rudy Vale (left) and her husband, Ron, at their restaurant, The Corner Stop Eatery.

While Rudy and Ron Vale have been hosting an October fund-raiser for four years at their Cohasset restaurant, the Corner Stop Eatery, this is the first time that they’re also having a special luncheon.

The Barre at the Bar luncheon, which will take place at the restaurant Oct. 24 at 10:30 a.m., includes a barre lesson taught by Stacey Hugues and a multicourse meal. There will also be pink wine and bubbly.

Vale is planning to offer the Corner Stop’s take on avocado toast, a nourishing salad or bowl with salmon, and a dessert that will be “healthy-ish.”

“I just thought it would be a fun, uplifting way to support the event, to be able to raise more funds,” Rudy Vale said. “Just the notion of doing something healthy and supportive and then also the fact that a friend of mine is a barre pilates instructor and she just finished her treatment for breast cancer. And I sent her a text and within 30 seconds she said ‘I’m all in. What can I do?’ It kind of all came together that way.”

The Vales began raising money in 2014 after Rudy Vale’s own experience with breast cancer and treatment. Since then, they have raised $65,000 for charity. Each October, they donate 10 percent of their restaurant’s proceeds to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. They also donate money raised from raffles. Each raffle ticket costs $20, and the prizes are donated by the community, from other restaurants to regular patrons’ tickets to the Bruins.


Tickets are $125 and there is a max of 30 people. Barre at the Bar tickets can be bought online or by calling 781-875-3065.

“The fund-raising is fantastic and it’s wonderful to send that check in every year to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation,” Vale said. “But really the impact on people’s life, if you can plant that seed in people’s mind to follow up and be diligent, that’s the most rewarding thing for me.”


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