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Dark Matter Glasses will liven up your lowball glass collection

Cambridge glass-blowing artist Andrew Iannazzi has attracted attention for his cool, colorful tiki mugs he creates with iconic faces. He has now introduced a new line — vividly colored lowball or rocks glasses for sipping scotch, an old fashioned, or whatever fusion of spirit and mixer you contrive. Iannazzi uses an old Italian glass making technique called caning to handcraft the black threads that swirl through the stunning glasses creating geometric patterns ($54 each). The result makes them appear a bit cosmic so it’s no surprise he named the glassware Dark Matter Glass. Each holds 10 to 12 ounces and is one of a kind with even a slight variation in weight. You might not want to reserve them just for cocktails but use them for other purposes. They are surprisingly dishwasher safe, although hand washing is recommended. Available at Boston Shaker, 69 Holland St., Somerville, 617-718-2999, or go to www.andrewiannazzi.com.