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A shopping cart system that sorts and saves

Farzan and Jen Dehmoubed are the owners of Lotus Trolley Bags.Jamie Scott Lyle

The Lotus Trolley Bag is a clever, collapsible shopping bag system of four eco-friendly reusable bags that hangs neatly on the shopping cart handle until you check out, then spreads open to hang across the cart for easy sorting and packing. Bags easily pull apart for loading into the car and into the house, then neatly fold back and Velcro into a compressed bundle for the next use. Colorfully designed, the bags are light but sturdy, double stitched and machine-washable. One bag is insulated for cold items and another features egg carton and bottle pockets. The club cart version has longer hanging rods for extra wide carts, and the rods on both systems are removable, making these useful for any number of purposes. Made by a family-owned business committed to reducing plastic bag waste. $29.99. Available at www.lotustrolleybag.com, www.walmart.com, www.amazon.com.