Preserved lemons, or lemons pickled in salty brine, are a staple in North African cooking and impart a particular salty and citrusy punch to stews, soups, grains, and dressings. The ones from the company Casablanca Market are the fragrant Beldi lemons, an indigenous lemon growing in southern Morocco. They are plumb and zesty and slightly sweet ($7.99 for a jar with three to four lemons). These are so tasty you can even add slices of the skin to salads or cocktails. Katia Essyad lives in the Bay Area but is a native of Morocco and started the company 10 years ago importing rugs and baskets handmade by women artisans from her homeland. She’s also showcasing a line of foods. Essyad says her mission is to support the women who make them and introduce people to products that evoke the style and flavors of her country. Available at Volante Farms, 292 Forest St., Needham, 781-444 -2351; Cost Plus World Market, 1 Worcester Road, Framingham, 508-626-1529; or go to