Where’s that lemon when you need it? If you’re like the rest of us, you’ve probably forgotten, on occasion, to buy a lemon for the pound cake, muffins, or scones you planned to bake or when you wanted to whip up a lemony cocktail, smoothie, or cup of tea. Now you can reach for a jar of Pure Lemon Paste (about $16 for 4 ounces). From Nielsen-Massey, the makers of fine vanilla and other flavored extracts, the paste has a consistency like honey and contains the natural essence of fresh California lemons. It’s sweetened with cane sugar, but not too much. Quite useful in the baker’s kitchen, three to four teaspoons will bring a bright lemony flavor to cakes, muffins, cookies, whipped cream, pastry cream, and sauces. Also try it as a glaze for fish or chicken, added to plain yogurt when making tzatziki, and whisked into salad dressing for a subtle citrusy boost. Available at Williams Sonoma, at the Natick Mall, 1245 Worcester St., Natick, 508-655-2191; and online at The Baker’s Catalogue from and amazon; or go to