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A wholesome treat straddles a brownie and truffle

There are plenty of nutrient-rich snack bars out there, but Honey Mama’s Cacao-Nectar Bars made in Portland, Ore., takes the category up a notch. Sweetened with local, raw organic honey and blended with cacao powder, unrefined coconut oil, Himalayan pink salt, and either sprouted almonds or shredded coconut; the wholesome treat has a texture that straddles a brownie and truffle. They’re scored like a Kit Kat, but not even remotely similar to one. Free of gluten, soy, dairy, and grain, the line has eight varieties — all with rich, bold flavors — including Lavender Red Rose, made with essence of lavender and rose petals; Ginger Cardamom, sweet and spicy; Oregon Peppermint, blended with Dutch chocolate and shredded coconut and strongly minty from peppermint oil; Mayan Spice, with Peruvian cacao, sprouted almonds, Saigon cinnamon, and cayenne pepper. Because the bars primarily contain fresh, perishable ingredients, you’ll find them in the market’s refrigerated case. Square and parchment-paper-wrapped, each flavor adorned with a different colorful label, the little bundles of goodness are easy to spot. Available at Cambridge Naturals, 92 Guest St., Brighton, 617-208-8881 and 23 White St., Cambridge, 617-492-4452; City Feed and Supply: 672 Centre St., Jamaica Plain, 617-524-1700, or go to www.honeymamas.com.