Chew on this: Eastern Standard Provisions launches a pretzel line

The Top Knot, Wheelhouse, and Turnbuckle. Those sound like dance moves, but they’e actually shapes of Bavarian-style pretzels recently launched by Eastern Standard Provisions, a snack company spearheaded by Eastern Standard owner Garrett Harker with master baker Lauren Moran. Made with malted barley flour and malt syrup, the chewy, bronzed beauties are super-sized and loaf-shaped. Hand-rolled, twisted, looped and knotted, each is crunchy outside and light and airy on the inside. The company also whips up two excellent dipping sauces (available in June) to accompany the pretzels: Get Lost Maui Onion Mustard, which is sweet and spicy and chunky from bits of onion, and Haus Party Queso Dip, cheesy with a velvety texture and some heat from Tabasco. A natural sidekick to a beer, the pretzels are sold mostly at brewery taprooms — Mystic Brewery, Lord Hobo, Mighty Squirrel, Notch Brewing, and others. But the company also ships, and packages come with baking instructions plus a pouch of pretzel salt ($16 to $35). You can visit www.esprovisions.com.