Biena brought snackable baked chickpeas in savory flavors to store shelves seven years ago. Several years later, a line of chickpeas covered in chocolate appeared. Now the Boston-based company gives cheesy puffs a makeover and recently launched Chickpea Puffs in three varieties — Aged White Cheddar, Vegan Ranch, and Blazin’ Hot. Made with chickpea and lentil flours, gluten and grain-free, they deliver seven grams of plant protein and almost half the carbs than most other airy puffs. One variety is very cheesy; the vegan has onion and garlicky flavors; and the spicy choice, a bit fiery, gets its red color from beets, black currants, and tomatoes. Founder Poorvi Patodia had her own children in mind when she was inspired to create the crunchy little rounds. “I have two growing kids who love cheese puffs and I found that other healthy options don’t taste great or don’t offer real nutrition,” she says. “So we remade them — putting taste at the forefront and using only nutritious ingredients.” Available at Good Health Natural Foods, 1630 Hancock St., Quincy, 617-773-4925; Crosby’s Marketplace; Wegmans; and Roche Bros.; or go to bienasnacks.com. ANN TRIEGER KURLAND