Peachster makes pitting peaches easy

For splitting a ripe peach in half and taking out the pit, Chef’n has a new tool called the Peachster ($7.99). It’s a sturdy, V-shaped stainless steel blade attached to a short handle. Without buttons to press or switches to turn on, it does what it’s designed to do in a single motion. The Peachster slides into the fruit, cuts it neatly in half, and “grabs” the pit. With a little side-to-side wiggle, the pit is pulled away from the flesh and you’re left with two peach halves and no pit. Available at Duck Soup, Mill Village Shopping Center, 365 Boston Post Road, Sudbury, 978-443-3825; Kitchen Outfitters, Acton Woods Plaza, 342 Great Road, Acton, 978-263-1955; and The Kitchen Place, Solomon Pond Mall, 601 Donald Lynch Blvd., Marlboro, 508-485-5665.