Lobster in its many renditions is a summer delight. Here’s a new version, a little strange, but delicious — lobster chocolate. Provincetown chocolatier Paul John Kearins crafts the confection in white chocolate and named it the Cape Cod Bar. He uses a highly flavored, pure lobster powder made from cooked wild-caught Atlantic lobster, and blends in lemon oils and parsley. Mildly sweet, buttery, with a slight crunch — not from the crustacean’s shell but from Cape Cod sea salt — the chocolate’s flavors hit your taste buds in layers, with a hint of lobster in the finish. “I have an affinity for everything nautical and oceanic,” Kearins says. In fact, the wrapper has a sketch of an octopus, its limbs spread across the paper. This isn’t the first adventurous treat Kearins has introduced. His other bars and bonbons have ingredients like rhubarb and beetroot; black salted marzipan and heirloom apple spice. Kearins was born in London and studied his trade there and worked as a chocolatier and private chef in the Netherlands. He came to Provincetown two years ago to oversee the pastry and chocolatiering at the dessert shop Purple Feather. “I don’t want chocolate to be a forgettable experience but something you taste and think about,” says Kearins. “And then you have the urge to tell someone else about it.” The Cape Cod Bar is available at Beacon Hill Chocolates, 91 Charles St., Boston, 617-725-1900; Gourmet Boutique, Copley Place, 10 Huntington Ave., Boston, 617-266-2906; East End Market, 212 Bradford St., Provincetown, 508-487-2339, or at Kearins’ online store, Chocolatasm, www.chocolatasm.com, where you can also find his other selections and details about a subscription series. ANN TRIEGER KURLAND