Where to Parlour. Restaurant + Bar, in the space that used to house Regal Beagle, now owned by two former employees. Parlour is almost adjacent to the Coolidge Cinema.

Why Get a bite at the bar in the back of the restaurant before your movie starts, or stop by afterward. Or buy the book you’ve been waiting to get your hands on from Brookline Booksmith across the street and come here to celebrate. The small bar has seven seats, the restaurant 60.

The back story The Regal Beagle, opened for nine years, closed last fall. New owners Luke Hayden and Meghan Murphy, both former Regal bartenders and managers, spruced up the place and opened as Parlour in mid-July. They financed it themselves. Beagle chef Stacy Cogswell is in the kitchen (she was a contestant on “Top Chef.”)


What to eat A bar snack of Buffalo broccoli, or “cheese fudge,” which is grated cheese shaped into a square and set on crostini with fig jam. Small plates include grilled beets with hazelnut butter, tabouli, and crunchy crackers topped with everything-bagel spice, or Nashville hot chicken “donuts,” in which dough is shaped into rounds with spicy chicken tucked inside, fried in duck fat, and presented on herb yogurt sauce. Olive oil cake comes with a pool of lemon curd. (Bar snacks and small plates $6-$17, entrees $22-$32, desserts $8-$12.)

What to drink Cocktails are divided between Parlour classics and Parlour tricks. Classics include White Negroni, Allegheny, and Clover Club. Tricks offers Ol’ Blue Eyes (white rum, house-made hazelnut syrup, fresh blueberries), Summerland (lavender-infused vodka and limoncello), and Porch Swing (tea-infused gin and peach puree). You’ll also find a short line-up of craft beers and wines categorized by recognizable varietals, rather than estate and country, so you can order, say, a pinot grigio or malbec. The wine list is somewhere between ho-hum and not-this-again.


The Takeaway Parlour, explains Hayden, “is a room in your home that you entertain your friends with food and beverage. British spelling added a little grace and looks better, fits with our aesthetic.” The place is lively, service is warm and attentive. Friends are meeting for drinks or long chats at the tables, young and seasoned couples, parents dining with their adult kids, all configurations of the community seem happy to be here.

308 Harvard St., Coolidge Corner, Brookline, 617-505-3948,
(website coming soon).

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