Devra First

The company behind Peet’s is atoning for its Nazi past with a new foundation

I am not sure how much more one could ask of a company aiming to make up for its Nazi past, short of bowing out of business entirely.

Getting salty

Getting Salty with Zoi Liakopoulos of Gre.Co

Liakopoulos came to the US from Greece in 2015, planning to run a travel app with a friend. Instead, she became the manager of a fast-casual Back Bay restaurant, and has “dedicated my life here to Gre.Co and what it means to be Greek.”

The confident cook

Recipe: Spanish romesco sauce, whirred with tomatoes and peppers, is incredibly appealing

In Spain, you might be served romesco sauce with seasonal vegetables at a cafe. It’s easy to make, inexpensive, a beautiful color, and delicious.

Seasonal Recipes

Recipe: Stir peanut-butter cups into blondies for every favorite childhood taste in spades

The cups come in individual papers; remove them, break the rounds into quarters, and squash them gently before adding to the batter.

Recipe: Naan on the grill, topped with fontina, tomatoes, and arugula, is a lot like pizza

Puffy and slightly charred,the Indian flatbread naan has just the right chewiness of good pizza dough and can be grilled in about two minutes.

When it’s OK to allow literature to influence dining

Eating your way through literature sounds fun, but is it healthy?


A toned-down tiki for the summer

Morale & Welfare employs over-proof dark rum and modifiers that run the gamut: tart lime, slightly sweeter grapefruit, zesty cinnamon, and rich mole bitters.

Whey better for you than sugary sports drinks

A new refreshing drink upcycled from fresh whey is labeled Superfrau as a shout out to the female cow.

Smolak farm launches ninth year of Whim Dinner Series with celebrated chefs

Some of the region’s notable chefs — Andy Husbands of The Smoke Shop BBQ, Tyler Kinnett of Harvest, Daniel Gursha at Ledger, Ned Grieg from Woodman’s, and others — take turns cooking the multicourse feast using the vegetables, herbs, and fruits grown in the fields of the 120-acre, lush property.

No more veggie bacon for you if you live in Louisiana

The state’s new food labeling restrictions law will keep veggie products from being called meat, non-rice products from being described as rice, and sugar alternatives from being marketed as sugar.

Quick Bite

Thai Noodle Cafe is a welcome pit stop in a culinarily rich stretch of Belmont

Owner Sasirat Grande first operated Tony G’s in this space, specializing in barbecue, but then switched to her native Thai food. “Thai is more exciting than barbecue,” she says.

What She’s Having

Cabot’s Ice Cream & Restaurant celebrates 50 years. They don’t make them like this anymore

Generations of Newton children have come here to mark birthdays, recitals, and graduations. Now they bring their own kids.