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Getting salty

Her Tex-Mex cooking is from deep in the heart of Texas

Escamilla is on a mission to bring authentic Tex-Mex cooking to Boston, and now she has a pop-up, Tex Mex Eats, where she’ll serve Frito pie, enchiladas, and homemade tamales until the end of July.

New England has a strong showing in annual specialty food awards

It’s the Oscar of food awards: Goodnow Farms Chocolate of Sudbury just won a Gold Sofi Award in the Specially Food Association’s annual contest for its 70% dark chocolate bar crafted with cacao beans from the jungles of Peru.

Seasonal Recipes

Recipe: Charred eggplant spread with mint, parsley, and a chile pepper is creamy and smoky

Though the eggplant here is charred like it is in the popular Middle Eastern dip, baba ghanoush, this spread is quite different.


You missed Chartreuse Day, but now you can celebrate it any day you want

When it comes to imbibing, there are certain events best celebrated in a specific place: Kentucky Derby in Louisville; Oktoberfest in Munich, etc. And, as I learned a few weeks ago, May 16 in Detroit.

Seasonal recipes

Recipe: Irresistible sweet and smoky grilled shrimp skewers with pineapple and sausage

Choose very large shrimp so that they cook in the same amount of time it takes to reheat the sausage slices; you can save time by buying the shrimp already peeled and deveined.

One way to get back at that invasive plant strangling your garden? Eat it

If you can’t beat them, eat them. That’s the approach Cambridge restaurant Forage is taking to invasive species.

Dining Out

At Tanám, a meal tells a story about Filipino food

More than a restaurant, the Somerville project serves up a rich experience.

Getting Salty

Getting Salty with Roy Antonuccio Jr. of Roy’s Cold Cuts: ‘I call this Roy-merica. I only worry about what goes on in here.’

Antonuccio is the friendly face behind the counter in East Boston, catering to a lunchtime crowd who rely on his Italian sub — “the best one around,” he says — and creations such as the Dog Did It, a chicken cutlet topped with broccoli and melted American cheese on a toasted roll.

The eco-friendly meal delivery service you can only get around here

With Family Dinner, you sign up online for the share size that is right for your family. They e-mail you recipe ideas when your order is on the way, and it’s hand-delivered in a reusable bag that you give back the next time you order. Almost everything is wrapped in paper. It’s that simple.

Waging a ‘Chai-volution’ with The Boston Chai Party

Rushil Desai and Vishal Thapar launched The Boston Chai Party because they couldn’t find an authentic cup of chai at cafes they frequented.


There’s a reason Vitamin Sea Brewing keeps running out of beer

On both of my recent visits to Vitamin Sea the place was packed, with parking spilling onto the street and into adjacent lots. The brewery is only open on Saturdays, and on a warmish, misty spring day, it seemed like all of the South Shore knew it.

Iced coffee minus the melted-ice taste, courtesy of the Snapchiller

An MIT graduate was tired of how insipid the flavor of iced coffee becomes as the ice starts to melt. So he used his knowledge of thermal dynamics and heat-exchange technology to create a device that makes an icy cold drink in a minute or less.

A wholesome treat straddles a brownie and truffle

There are plenty of nutrient-rich snack bars out there, but Honey Mama’s Cacao-Nectar Bars made in Portland, Ore., takes the category up a notch.