Lobster and chocolate: Great tastes that go great together?

Provincetown chocolatier Paul John Kearins uses a highly flavored, pure lobster powder made from cooked wild-caught Atlantic lobster, and blends in lemon oils and parsley, to make his Cape Cod bar.

Quick Bite

Black Lamb is a rare beast: Equal parts elegance and comfort

The new South End spot is from the team behind Bar Mezzana, Shore Leave, and No Relation.

3 recipes to help you make the most of tomato season

Like summer itself, tomato season is sweet, but far too short.

What She’s Having

At Craigie Burger in Time Out Market, the famous stack is astonishingly good

There are four burger options at Craigie, all fashioned from sustainably grown beef, perfectly done to medium — bright pink inside, juicy, meaty, and delicious.


How to eat like a local on Beacon Hill

I didn’t know what to expect — I’d been told this area was a dud, food-wise — but I am here to tell you that I had four of the best dishes of my Bostonian eating life in this neighborhood. Five, if you count the fro-yo. And each for under $15.


It’s OK to have warm thoughts of Cognac on summer days

Thoughts of Cognac remain deeply lodged in that part of the brain responsible for dreaming about skiing, fireplaces, epic novels, and Merino wool. And that’s a shame, because the Champs Elysees is bright and sunny.

The confident cook

Recipe: Thin rounds of zucchini in this lemony spaghetti are never cooked — and they’re delicious

Use slender, young zucchini for this dish because they’re sweeter and drier than the large squash, which have a high water content.

Getting Salty

Getting Salty with Shi Mei, opening his own South Boston restaurant in the fall

Lenox Sophia will be “fine dining without the sticker shock,” Mei says.

Peachster makes pitting peaches easy

The Peachster slides into the fruit, cuts it neatly in half, and “grabs” the pit.

It’s a wrap: Tortillas made with quinoa flour

Gluten-free and vegan, they’re oven-baked with avocado oil and free of artificial ingredients.

Savory biscuits for grown-ups

The Essex company Lark Fine Foods is known for its Cookies for Grown-Ups, but now there’s a new line for when you’re not craving sweets.

Recipe: Salad of yellow tomatoes with pickled mango, yogurt, and toasted almonds

“Pineapple tomatoes are bright yellow, and about the size of a baseball,” says Carl Dooley.