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Munch Madness | Final

// And the Munch Madness winner is . . .

Beloved Boston bakery Flour takes the cake over Sarma to clinch Munch Madness 2019.

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Dining Out reviews

// Where should you eat this week?

Check out the Globe’s reviews of dozens of Boston-area restaurants.

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Cheap Eats reviews

// Budget-friendly fare around Boston

There are dishes you can order for under $20 at eateries.

Latest Food & Dining headlines

Q&A with Lindsay-Jean Hard, author of ‘Cooking with Scraps’

Her new book “Cooking with Scraps: Turn Your Peels, Rinds, and Stems into Delicious Meals,” revives the notion that stale bread, outdated produce, and cheese rinds are hidden treasures that should be put to use, not sent to the disposal or compost bin.

American Provisions in Dorchester worth the wait

The new corner store in the Treadmark building in Dorchester’s Ashmont section was slated to open two years ago, when a fire tore through the building during construction.

Brins Lemon Saffron marmalade will stick with you

It’s a robust and tart marmalade made from slowly simmered fresh lemons and threads of saffron.

Mini GreenPan is a small wonder

If you often cook a sole egg or an omelet for yourself, or are warming up a small amount, a mini GreenPan will be most useful.

Slices of kiwi are topped with mealworms during the Edible Insects Festival.

At Edible Insects Festival, students squash the ick factor and dive fork first into the future

At last week’s BugFeast, guests weren’t just curious, they were hungry, swarming around trays full of food. But what will it take to get even more Americans to embrace this eco-friendly, healthy way to feed a rapidly growing world?

An artist’s rendering of the inside of Time Out Market, coming to the former Landmark Center on Park Drive.

BISq, Mamaleh’s, and George Howell join Time Out Market lineup

The food and cultural center is scheduled to open in the coming months at the former Landmark Center on Park Drive.

It’s fun and games (and cocktails) at Thirst Boston.

hot ticket

Attention cocktail lovers: It’s almost time for Thirst Boston

Cocktail extravaganza Thirst Boston takes place April 26-28, with seminars, parties, and, yes, plenty of imbibing at venues throughout the city.


A new restaurant comes to Eataly, and Hojoko gets into the Groove with a rec room feel

Restaurant news you can use.

quick bite

Night Shift Brewing comes to Lovejoy Wharf for a fun, affordable night out

This is the larger, restaurant version of the popular Everett brewery, with table service, an efficient menu, comfy banquettes, and a coffee bar. Soon, there will be outdoor seating.

 Oven-Poached Salmon With Thyme, Dill,  and  Vermouth.

Cooking | Magazine

Recipes: A light spring supper starring salmon

Oven-poached salmon, and two fancy sides to impress your guests.

The ahi Benedict at Cane & Canoe on Maui is a great way to kick-start your day on the island.

On Maui, fresh, simple food takes center stage

At the annual Kapalua Wine and Food Festival, we find a love of all things local, a burgeoning movement to support and form alliances with small, artisan farmers, and a nod to ethnicity and home-style cooking.

Recipe: Flavor Easter ricotta pie with bittersweet chocolate and orange; it’s cheesecake in a pie shell

Though time-consuming, if you like to bake, homemade ricotta pie is worth the effort and the results are impressive. You can make the filling and the dough a day ahead.

Recipe: It’s much easier to cook risotto in the oven, then stir in asparagus, peas, lemon, and Parmesan

In this easy method, risotto for the Easter table is stirred briefly, then transferred to the oven to finish cooking, which does the work of constant stirring.

Recipe: Rub Earl Grey tea and Meyer lemon on boneless leg of lamb for your Easter centerpiece

Similar to a coffee rub, tea mixed with Meyer lemon zest toasts and forms a flavorful, crunchy crust that sticks to the lamb even after you snip off the strings.

Bob’s is located in a residential corner of Medford, not too far from Tufts.

What She’s Having

Get your sandwich fix at Bob’s in Medford — if you can find it

Bob’s version of the Italian sub belongs in my pantheon of meat marvels.

James Mark, a James Beard award nominee for best chef in the Northeast, is pictured at Big King, his second restaurant in Providence.

Dining Out

With Big King restaurant in Providence, James Mark continues telling his story

The James Beard award nominee’s West Side establishment is mature, focused, and intimate.

Recipe: How to dip or drizzle Passover macaroons with chocolate

A microwave oven makes quick work of melting chocolate for decorating macaroons.

Chocolate-orange coconut macaroons

Recipe: Dark and fudgy chocolate-coconut macaroons for Passover have a hint of orange

Use a microplane-style grater to get the finest, fluffiest shreds of orange rind to add to the batter.

Almond-pistachio macaroons

Recipe: Whole unskinned almonds and lightly salted pistachios go into these Passover macaroons

Both nuts add nutty, toasty flavors to the cookies.

Pass over the can, make your own macaroons

In the mad rush to prepare for the Passover Seders, which begin on Friday night, you might grab a few cans of macaroons for dessert. If you have time this year, make your own.

The confident cook

Recipe: Jammy eggs have slightly runny yolks you see in bowls of ramen and in French salads

A jammy egg — a new name for a classic method — is an egg that’s firmer than soft-boiled but not as firm as hard-cooked.

When a toffee hobby takes off, you get Dave’s Sweet Tooth

With its real butter, sugar, nuts, and flavorings, Dave’s Sweet Tooth handmade, small batch toffee now has fans around the world.

Salts that wow with hints of air and sea

Karen Pevenstein is public relations executive for a financial services company but after tasting salts she found at a Paris food fair, now works directly with the paludiers and imports their salts.

Joining forces for a trout pate

Boston Smoked Fish Co. teamed up with Jeremy Sewall of Row 34 and Island Creek Oyster Bar restaurants to create Smoked Steelhead Trout Pate, using fish grown in sustainable and environmentally sound ways at UNH.

Getting Salty with Kwasi Kwaa of The Chop Bar pop-up

Kwaa is a sous chef at BG Events and Catering in Allston and has a busy side career helming The Chop Bar pop-up with co-chef Shelley Nason, serving food from his home country of Ghana.

Bartender Raleigh Strott at OCRA.

hot ticket

Top chefs prepare tastings for a special event

A bevy of top Boston chefs and mixologists will prepare tastings on April 30, for OCRA: Turn Up the Heat Boston.

Harvest is offering a prix fixe menu with three special dessert offerings.

Don’t feel like cooking on Easter? These restaurants will be hopping

Whether Easter is a serious celebration of your beliefs, the unofficial spring kickoff, a day to spend with the family watching the smalls hunt for eggs, or seriously not your thing – there are options.

Sylvia Ramos on her first trip to Friendly's, which will probably be her dad's last. (Nestor Ramos) 13nestorfriendly


One last visit to Friendly’s, before it melts away

I took my 3-year-old to Friendly’s this week. It was the little grilled-cheese-and-ice-cream enthusiast’s first trip, and probably my last: I had come to say goodbye.

The Glen House

Help Desk

It’s a vacation for teachers, too. Here’s where they can score some deals on getaways

We found some luxe New England hotels and inns offering A-plus deals for educators.

Among Redemption Rock’s offerings is the Blackstone Stout.


Redemption Rock on solid ground in Worcester

The brewery opened in January in Worcester, which until recently had been known beer-wise for Wormtown Brewery, standout bars Armsby Abbey and Dive Bar, and not much else.

Nachos from Sweet Cheeks.


What music? Boston Calling announces 2019 food lineup

Sweet Cheeks, Café Beatrice, Boston Trolley Dogs, and Stuffed by Papi are among restaurants that will be at the music festival May 24-26 to provide concertgoers with sustenance.


Milk Street recipes: International variations on chicken soup

Tired of dull, watery broths? These Georgian, Cantonese, and Mexican versions deliver big flavor.

A queen-size bed with traditional Moroccan linens awaits in a 165-square-foot tent of thick white cotton.

Luxury desert camping, minutes from Marrakech

A mere 45-minute drive from Marrakech, Scarabeo Camp appears like a mirage in the middle of Morocco’s Agafay Desert.

The VIP Lounge with Alec Benjamin

The Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter is coming to Boston for two sold-out shows on April 16 and 17 at the Sinclair in Cambridge.

Dining Out

Yes, the South End needed another French restaurant

Bar Lyon is a pitch-perfect bistro, where the good takes precedence over the fancy.

Packit lunch and snack bags leave ice packs in the cold

Filled with a special cooling gel, these bags can keep food fresh and cool for hours, and they are reusable, BPA-free, non-toxic, and food safe.

Josh Weinstein

Getting salty

A conversation with Josh Weinstein of The Quiet Few, a new East Boston tavern

Weinstein and his wife, Linsey, got their start at bars in New York City, but it was Café Brazil that made him want to work in restaurants.

By the Glass

Make room on the table for California Cabernet Franc

It’s almost second nature to associate cabernet franc with France’s Loire Valley, but it’s thriving in Golden State, too.

Mina de matzo (Passover matzo pie with ground meat and Swiss chard)

Recipe: Mina de matzo is a Sephardic Passover pie made with ground meat and Swiss chard

Like lasagna, this matzo casserole is a layered dish with lots of meaty flavor. The recipe comes from “The 100 Most Jewish Foods.”

‘The 100 Most Jewish Foods’ lists all the regulars and some nearly lost to history

You’ll find all the dishes you know and love in this volume, plus many more you never heard of, made in far corners of the globe.

Assorted cookies and muffins at Catalyst Cafe in Cambridge.

Local chefs and restaurateurs step up to raise money to fight cancer

Turn Up The Heat supports the Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance, and Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer marks its 20th anniversary of supporting research and care this year.

Lumiere’s take-out family meal of roast whole chicken.

What she’s having

At Lumiere in West Newton, take-out menus of roast chicken or salmon are designed for families

Take-out food is a wonderful thing – if you’re the person doing the taking out. But it must make the kitchen nuts. Chef Jordan Bailey had a better idea.

“Calories are cheap,” said Carol Tienken, the Greater Boston Food Bank’s chief operating officer. “Nutrition is not. And that’s what’s not accessible to people.”

Tackling tough topics at Small Change, Big Impact Food Summit at Harvard

On April 4, industry leaders gathered for several panels at Harvard University’s Richard A. and Susan F. Smith Campus Center to discuss topics ranging from food waste to agricultural innovation. Food insecurity was a centerpiece of the event.

Passover almond macaroons

Recipe: Why buy Passover almond macaroons when they’re simple to make at home — and better?

These homemade macaroons look just as professionally made as the ones you buy. They taste much better.

Passover mini artichoke frittatas

Seasonal Recipes

Recipe: Mini frittatas with artichokes should be on your Passover menu

Skip the laborious work of cleaning fresh artichokes by using ready-to-eat frozen hearts .

Sweet-and-sour Passover brisket with apricots and carrots

The confident cook

Bubbe’s brisket 2.0 cooks long and slow the night before the Seder

Stock, vinegar, brown sugar, and apricots add a sweet-and-sour tang to this slow-cooked brisket.

Double shot

Matt Viser | Double Shot

// The buzz on coffee and the people who drink it

Presidential coffee history, the Costco coffee habits of Michael Dukakis, and a journey for the perfect cup.