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// Oleana wins Munch Madness 2017

By only six votes, Oleana edged out Myers + Chang.

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Check out the Globe’s reviews of dozens of Boston-area restaurants.

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There are dishes you can order for under $20 at eateries.

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From the Bar

Swordfish tacos and an Austrian pour with a pedigree

The Quarry Restaurant in Hingham has become a spot to pop into.

Two Point Pils is Portico Brewing Co.’s latest beer, Fuzzy Logic its longest-running, and Escher the name for an evolving pale ale series.


Portico’s focus is making good stuff better

The brewing company doesn’t have a flagship but puts its main lineup front and center.

Perspective | Magazine

I’m tired of tiny amounts of food at supersized prices

Fine dining is more satisfying than ever, except for one thing: you’re still hungry after you’ve cleaned your plate.

Globe Magazine

On the Internet, waiters can spill all they want

When diners misbehave, and definitely when they undertip, social media gives restaurant waitstaff a way to serve up disdain.

Beef with leek wrapped in pancakes (above left) and braised pork shin in brown sauce.

Cheap Eats

Reopened Mu Lan was worth the wait

Despite the bigger digs, this Taiwanese restaurant is often packed.

Recipe: Grilled swordfish Nicoise

The author lived in Nice in the south of France for a year, where summers meant grilled swordfish with the olive spread tapenade and a tomato salad. Make it all here and pretend it’s Provence.

The confident cook

Slow-roasting fish isn’t new, and it’s a great way to keep the flesh from drying out

Slow-roasting prevents fish from drying out. Turn the oven way down, set the fish on a bed of herbs, and let it cook for less than 20 minutes.

Recipe for peach chutney

Though peach chutney is particularly good with many roast meats, it’s a wonderful addition to the cheese platter, where it can be spread on toasts.

Recipe for crustless ham and cheese quiches

Ramekins hold ham, cheese, spinach, and an egg and milk custard to make individual quiches.

Recipe for blueberry buckle

Before the Internet, community recipes were passed to friends, daughters, sisters, and sisters-in-law on index cards. This classic blueberry buckle was one of them, written out in 1960.

The latest selections from Biena Snacks.

Biena’s chickpea snacks have a sweet side

The latest selections — covered in dark and milk chocolate and another in salted caramel — could become your new favorite nibbles.

Flexi Zesti from Microplane.

Flexi Zesti makes adding a citrus punch easy

It has two pieces: a blade fitted into a removable silicone cover, and a curvy bottom piece to collect the zest.

Cheeses at Dancing Goats Dairy.


Dancing Goats makes some great cheese

Many of the aged cheeses are named for strong women, including Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Josephine Baker.

Lead farmers Steph Moran (left) and Will Morningstar with a tiny portion of the bountiful zucchini crop from the fields at Allandale Farm.

Globe Magazine

Where local chefs buy fruits and veggies and what they’re cooking now

Take a peek at what’s in season at four Massachusetts farms, and try out recipes packed with summer flavor.

Cooking | Magazine

Recipes: Tired of tomato-based salsas? Peaches might be the answer

A cool take on traditional salsa starts with ripe juicy fruit.

The VIP Lounge with Anthony Bourdain

We caught up with the host of CNN’s “Parts Unknown,” chef, TV personality, and author Anthony Bourdain to talk about all things travel.

Ken Oringer (left) and Jamie Bissonnette.

Hot Ticket

Little Donkey grows up, but never gets old

The global tapas parlor run by star chefs Jamie Bissonnette and Ken Oringer celebrates its first birthday on Aug. 14 with a late-night soiree.


Mexican and California-French spots are on the way

Coming soon: Adelita and Explorateur. Opening: The Certified Meatball Company and Best Burger Bar.


Trio of developers chosen to rehab Jamaica Plain complex

Eight stories you may have missed Wednesday from the world of business.


A beer fan confesses he’s not a fan of session IPAs

What’s supposed to be a daytime thirst-quencher is nearly impossible to drink.

from the bar

This cocktail is the bee’s knees

Bee Cool, Hunny Bunny is a riff on the Bee’s Knees, a Prohibition-era recipe of gin, honey, and lemon that employs a blueberry syrup to give it a fruity vigor.

Customers in a Beijing Starbucks. Starbucks Corp. last month extended its reach in China with a $1.2 billion deal for control of more than 1,000 coffee shops.

China millennials switch to coffee as Starbucks pushes east

Many young Chinese are chosing to sip a cup of coffee instead of the more traditional tea.

An ice cream sandwich doughnut at Blackbird Doughnuts.

Instagram is ruining food, and I might be the only one who cares

I don’t want to eat sparkly rainbow unicorn dishes, but the photo-sharing app is a force too powerful to resist.

Insider: Peach festival at Boston Public Market

Last year, there were no peaches. Now there’s a bumper crop. That’s something to celebrate.

Insider: Cool, retro-looking kitchen time

The retro-looking timer from the German company Zassenhaus has a magnetic back that attaches to the fridge or stove.

The indoor urban aquaponics farm at FoodChain in Lexington, Ky.

Food & Travel

Lexington, Ky., warms to green revolution in former bread factory

There’s a lot going on — growing, brewing, eating — in the Bread Box.

Miso ramen at Shin Hakata Ramen.

Cheap Eats

Shin Hakata Ramen making its way on Mass. Ave.

Down the street from Symphony Hall, the restaurant specializes in a style of Japanese noodles-in-soup that’s hearty and pork-centric.

The confident cook

Attention summer renters: skillet halibut may be your new fave dish

Halibut is one of the best, and most expensive, fish in the market, so treat it royally.

The produce section at Foodie’s Market in Belmont.

An appetite for more in downtown Belmont

The small town center has gotten a culinary infusion in recent months, with the addition of a Foodie’s Market, Local Root cookware shop, and more.


Joshua McFadden goes from Four Seasons Farm to ‘Six Seasons’

McFadden and co-writer Martha Holmberg group their recipes according to six micro seasons: spring, early summer, midsummer, late summer, fall, and winter.

Insider: An ice cream scoop that catches its own drips

The Dimple design helps release the ice cream into serving bowls or on a la mode desserts.

Recipe: Tomato and peach salad with basil and mint

You may have thought you shouldn’t fiddle with a classic like caprese salad — tomatoes, mozzarella, and basil — but go ahead and make a delightful riff with ripe peaches, feta, and mint.

Recipe: Whole-grain blueberry buttermilk pancakes

Add whole-wheat flour, a handful of old-fashioned oats, and fresh blueberries to your weekend stack.

Family Meal

Watermelon, feta, and love

Simple, delicious, and appealing to the younger set.

Georges Island (pictured) and the other Boston Harbor Islands are accessible via ferry and offer spots to get away from it all.

There’s one month left of summer. Here’s what you can’t miss

You’ve got one month of summer left. Make the most of it at beer gardens, food festivals, free concerts, and oh yes, a fermentation festival.

Judith Jones, 93, editor of Julia Child

Ms. Jones worked for decades with John Updike and Anne Tyler and helped introduce English-language readers to “The Diary of Anne Frank.”


Recipes: Fresh takes (both chunky and smooth) on gazpacho

Beat the heat this summer with this warm weather staple.


A taste of Mexico at Pancho’s Taqueria in Dedham

The restaurant serves authentic Mexican offers authentic Mexican food ranging from tortilla soup, to chips and salsa, to tostadas and more.


Somerville farmers market open through October

The Somerville Mobile Farmers Market, now in its seventh year, delivers fresh fruits and vegetables to different parts of the city in vans.

To help abandoned animals, dine out on Aug. 15

The Scituate Animal Shelter has come up with a unique fund-raising method: asking supporters to dine out at one of nine area restaurants Aug. 15.


When a brew staff loves something, you make more. In this case, that’s rhubarb beer.

The drink smells like dandelions, coats your mouth like a Merlot, and finishes with a peppery, sweet kick.

Anticuchos served with choclo, large kernels of Cuzco corn, at Casa Peru Fusion.

The List: Beyond fried clams on the Cape

Here are five ethnic restaurants you might be surprised to find on Cape Cod.

Chef Tony Susi of Capo.

Hot Ticket

Chefs craft dishes in Ultimate Food Rescue Challenge

Food charity Three Squares aims to eliminate food insecurity through charity fund-raising events.


Into the light — that special kind you can only find in Provence

The area has drawn artists and easels forever — we saw many — and when we were there in mid-June, darkness didn’t fall till after 10 p.m.

Quick Bite

An early look at Puro Ceviche Bar, serving citrusy seafood on Newbury Street

It’s cute, unpretentious, and specializes in the kind of dish you want to eat all summer.

Double shot

Matt Viser | Double Shot

// The buzz on coffee and the people who drink it

Presidential coffee history, the Costco coffee habits of Michael Dukakis, and a journey for the perfect cup.