Munch Madness

// Oleana wins Munch Madness 2017

By only six votes, Oleana edged out Myers + Chang.

Dining Out

Dining Out reviews

// Where should you eat this week?

Check out the Globe’s reviews of dozens of Boston-area restaurants.

Cheap Eats

Cheap Eats reviews

// Budget-friendly fare around Boston

There are dishes you can order for under $20 at eateries.

Latest Food & Dining headlines

You’ll flip for these tongs

They are the perfect grilling-season accoutrement.

The Davis Square Farmers’ Market

What to expect from this year’s farmers’ markets

When it comes to tomatoes, you’re going to have to be patient.

This cookout season’s alterna-condiment

Avonaise: Better than mayo?

Comfort me with burgers at Hopewell Bar & Kitchen

The Allston spot has ambitions well beyond college-bar food.

Seasonal Recipes

Recipe: Roasted red pepper and almond dip

Pantry basics add up to an appealing hors d’oeuvre.

The confident cook

When making linguine with clams, less is more

A streamlined list of very good ingredients makes for a very good dish.

Recipe: Grilled lamb burgers with tzatziki and spicy pickles

Adapted from Cultivar chef Mary Dumont, this recipe puts a flavorful spin on the classic hamburger.

Recipe: Grilled soft-shell crab lettuce wraps with fish-sauce mayonnaise

In this recipe adapted from Mei Mei chef Irene Li, a seasonal New England favorite pairs perfectly with Southeast Asian flavors.


Bess’s Cafe in Brookline a dumpling delight

Bess Lee, Braintree local and Hong Kong native, shares a piece of her culture at her new eatery in Brookline.

 Braised Chicken  With 50 Cloves of Garlic

Cooking | Magazine

Lebanese recipes, including the dip that will make you forget about hummus

Jay Hajj, owner of South End landmark Mike’s City Diner, revisits his Lebanese roots with a new cookbook, “Beirut to Boston.”

hot ticket

Ink Block hot spot celebrates a birthday

Bar Mezzana celebrates its one-year anniversary with a bash June 4.

Swordfish Paris-Nice with eggplant, olives, and Provencal Raito sauce at Self Portrait in Cambridge.

Quick Bite

At Self Portrait, trendiness is so yesterday

T.W. Food’s new incarnation emphasizes proper plates like roast chicken, scallop boudin blanc, and duck leg with duck fat frites.

Doug Rodrigues (left, with Ryan Kelly in 2014)


Nantucket sushi, North End oysters, cupcakes circa ‘Sex and the City,’ and other restaurant news

Plus: Bar by the Elevator, lovin’ it up till you hit the ground . . .


How to make the Friendly Toast’s Two Evils cocktail

It’s a good way to extend bourbon season into summer.

Egg, bacon, and cheese bagel at Nussbaum & Wu.

Food & Travel

A tour of New York City’s bagels

From old-school appetizing shops to SoHo bagel bistros.

from the bar

How to make Redd’s in Rozzie’s Thin White Duke cocktail

It’s like a Negroni, only for summer.


When people say ‘I don’t like fruity beers,’ they aren’t really saying anything

They’ve got fruit. But that’s about all they’ve got in common. Case study: Road Jam vs. Mr. Pink.

Sam Harden (left) and James Grimes run Better Bagels pop-ups.

Doughnut vs. bagel: a hole different game

They share similar DNA. But their business models are vastly different, according to Boston-area entrepreneurs.

Banh xeo chicken salad tacos at District Kitchen in Malden.

Cheap Eats

Is it a taco? A Vietnamese crepe? And other questions you’ll ask at District Kitchen.

The Malden small-plates restaurant delivers bold flavors.

He scours the world for recipes, but found this one close to home

A Cape Cod restaurateur-turned-food entrepreneur bottles the sauce his wife’s grandmother used to make.

The confident cook

To really bring out the best, make your own mayonnaise

Hellmann’s and its ilk are lovable and familiar. But homemade mayo is an entirely different beast.

Seasonal Recipes

Recipe: Brioche-crusted haddock with tarragon mayonnaise

Bright flavors meet easy preparation.

Recipe: Cinnamon-walnut swirl coffee cake

It stands tall, with a sweet, nutty ribbon running through each slice.

Bfresh markets are taking over Boston-area neighborhoods

In Davis Square, Allston, and Brighton, the smaller shops are geared toward locals.

Ramen at Ebisuya Japanese Market in Medford.

He went to ramen school, and you get to eat the results

At Ebisuya Japanese Market on Sundays, co-owner Hideki Hiromoto sells bowls of soup with house-made noodles for about 5 bucks.

A pepper mill that takes no chances

You’ll never again get coarse chunks when you want an extra-fine powder.

Richard Horsey


Hey, food. You’re ugly. But no offense!

So say Richard Horsey and Tim Wharton in their new book, “Ugly Food: Overlooked and Undercooked.”

Please deliver an ice cream sundae straight to my door

The food delivery service Caviar obliges, with kits from Gracie’s. Salty whiskey with hot fudge and whipped cream, anyone?

Customers at Flour Bakery in Boston waited for their lunches after having stood in line to order.

Cut the line? There’s an app for that

A growing number of restaurant and coffee shop customers are ordering ahead, and not everyone is happy.

Ben Clark walked among peach trees in full bloom at Clarkdale Orchards in Deerfield, Mass. last month.

After a sad summer of no peaches, New England could see a bumper crop this year

Mild winter and perfectly aligned weather means growers and agricultural experts are anticipating a peach rebound in 2017.

With its Naples certification, Posto, in Somerville, passes the craft pizza test.

Just how much craft pizza can Boston eat?

Artisan pizza shops are multiplying. Here are 11 telltale signs you’ve stumbled upon one.

Looking for a product boost? Call it ‘unicorn’

Why has the mythical horned creature become a pop-culture fad again?

Fresh fruit at Boston Public Market.


The Gate opens, Temazcal multiplies, and other restaurant news

Plus: No, sadly, Katz’s Delicatessen is not opening in Boston any time soon.

Tap Brewing Company’s Intergalactic Acid


Plenty of changes at the Tap Brewing Company — just don’t say the S-word

Classic German styles meet (shh) sours under a new head brewer.

Priscilla Kwong (left) of Dorchester and Maggie Taylor of Boston drink by an outdoor fire pit at Freepoint Kitchen & Cocktails in Cambridge.

Quick Bite

A hotel near Alewife meets a set from ‘Big Little Lies’

Freepoint Kitchen & Cocktails, hard by the Whole Foods, offers a modern interior, Manhattans, and snacks from former West Bridge chef Matthew Gaudet.

April 13, 2017_ALLSTON- Chicken and Rice Guys on Harvard Ave. restaurant closed by Boston Inspectional Services after an E coli outbreak. (Joanne Rathe/ Globe Staff section: business topic:)

Kitchen where Chicken & Rice Guys prepared food had a history of problems

The facility, Union Square Kitchens, which is used by several food businesses, also has a history of health problems including a forced closure two years ago.

Chinese dairy preparing $850 million bid to acquire Stonyfield Yogurt

For the past few weeks, there has been speculation as to who might acquire Stonyfield Farm Inc.

America’s Test Kitchen to launch food and wine festival

The two-day celebration will take place Oct. 27 and 28.

A pastrami sandwich served with a side of pickles at Katz's Delicatessen in New York.

Is Katz’s Delicatessen opening in Boston?

Pastrami-scented rumors are swirling about the famous Jewish deli from New York.

Richard Pelletier, owner of Nashoba Valley Winery walks through his grapevines. Kieran Kesner for The Boston Globe.

Public policy / government

A win for the little guy in battle over alcohol laws

Nashoba Valley Winery’s Rich Pelletier took on the power of the state — and got it to back down.

Drinking wine in a ‘castle’ on the South Shore

At Mirbeau Inn & Spa, Bordeaux complements steak frites.


Sam Adams Rebel IPA needed fixing. Will this do the trick?

Boston Beer Company tries a new move: changing the formula of a flagship.

Harry Rosenblum (left) and Michael Harlan Turkell are the men behind Sumo Stew.

How to eat like a sumo wrestler

Attend the pop-up Sumo Stew.

An order of brisket at BT’s Smokehouse in Sturbridge.

dining out

Is this New England’s best barbecue?

It’s quite possible — likely, even — that the finest smoked meats in the region are coming out of a tiny, homespun corner lot next to a gas station.


The confident cook

Eat your greens (in pie form)

The Greek classic spanakopita is usually made with spinach, but you can use any assortment you’ve got on hand.

Angela Atenco Lopez with her son Luis in the kitchen at Angela's Cafe in East Boston.

A Mexican chef preserves tradition, and remembers her mother, by making this one dish

Angela Atenco Lopez prepares the mole of her native Puebla the way she was taught — slowly.

Double shot

Matt Viser | Double Shot

// The buzz on coffee and the people who drink it

Presidential coffee history, the Costco coffee habits of Michael Dukakis, and a journey for the perfect cup.