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Latest Food & Dining headlines

US Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg in a scene from the documentary


Samuel Adams’s latest brew is dedicated to Ruth Bader Ginsburg

The brewery will celebrate with pints — and a planking contest.

Here’s what’s going in the Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar & Grill space in Patriot Place

No exact opening date was given, except for a target of summer 2019.

Aries Noodle & Dumpling serves up dishes like Szechuan-style pork with hot sauce.

quick bite

Aries Noodle & Dumpling, for leisurely exploration of northern Chinese food

This food is worth the wait. Your numb tongue and full belly will thank you.


What’s behind Door No. 7? You can now find out

Also, a restaurant is coming! A restaurant is coming! The team behind Cambridge’s Loyal Nine will open Northern Spy, inside the copper rolling mill at the Paul Revere Heritage Site in Canton.

Finland tops global happiness index for 2nd consecutive year

The United States dropped from the 18th to 19th place despite enjoying a booming economy in the past few years.

One of the rooms in the Happy Place pop-up exhibit. The exhibit, which has appeared in LA, Chicago, and Toronto, is known as a type of mecca for Instagrammers.

Happy Place, the ‘most Instagrammable pop-up in America,’ is coming to Boston

Happy Place, a pop-up exhibit known for being the perfect place to take selfies, will take up in the former Marshalls space in the Back Bay in April.

An indoor swimming class in Kaunianen, Finland.

Finland tops global happiness index for 2nd consecutive year

Finland topped an index of the happiest nations for the second consecutive year, the United States dropped from 18th to 19th, and happiness declined the most over 10 years in Venezuela.


Cambridge’s Hotel 1868, a new spot with an old soul

The design-built, 50-room hotel, with its steel-framed, boxy, neo-industrial look, gives a faint nod to the 1800s, when Porter Square was a center for commerce and light industry.

The Boston Public Library in Copley Square, as pictured in 2014.

You can now grab a fancy cocktail at the Boston Public Library

The Boston Public Library in Copley Square on Wednesday is opening its revamped Map Room cafe as a tea lounge, complete with bar seating and witty drinks like the “Tequila Mockingbird.”

Critic’s Notebook

There’s nothing cute about Crack Pie

It’s time to stop using the language of addiction when we talk about food.

Sap, straight from the tap, is almost entirely water and makes a refreshing drink.

How to make your own maple syrup

This winter my husband and I decided it was time to learn alongside our own kids how to tap a few sugar maples and make syrup of our own. With the help of a few neighbors and plenty of reading, here’s what we’ve learned.

Cooking | Magazine

Recipes: Eggs for any time of the day

Mix with pasta for a fresh frittata, plus Persian and Cambodian takes on savory omelets.

YSAC is chaotic but self-aware, serving as a sort of critical commentary of its more polished peers.

This lo-fi cooking YouTube channel is the antidote to hyper-stylized Food Instagram

Most popular digital representations of home cooking appear contrived, if not entirely inauthentic. You Suck at Cooking is chaotic but self-aware, serving as a sort of critical commentary of its more polished peers.

The confident cook

Recipe: Serve this pared-down weeknight paella with chicken and sausages right from the pan

The ideal rice for paella is short-grain, which absorbs liquid while maintaining a degree of firmness. Spanish Bomba rice is traditional (and hard to find); use readily available Italian Arborio rice.

Two Hearted Ale Courtesy Bell's Brewery


Bell’s Two Hearted Ale is a standout in a crowded field

This is a perfectly balanced beer, with rich notes of brown bread and caramel playing off the earthy, floral characteristics of the hops.

Try these cocktails made with Bluet

Joe McHale, the bar manager at Beacon Hill Bistro, is creating his own concoctions with creative monikers like Black and Bluet and Tangled up in Bluet.

Food trucks at the SoWa Open Market.


How (and why) to start a pop-up business

Temporary retail experiences are a boon for consumers eager to try something new and for entrepreneurs testing a concept or menu without having to invest in a full brick and mortar business. Both longstanding Boston businesses and up-and-comers find value in pop-ups.

Try a scoop and you’ll be swayed

Sweet Scoops makes seven flavors of frozen yogurt, and whether you’re dipping into a pint of Minty Chip or Magical Mocha Chunk you’ll wonder how something that’s not ice cream can taste so rich and creamy.

Harvard study: Sugary drinks associated with greater risk of premature death

Study participants had a greater risk of premature death, particularly from cardiovascular disease and to a lesser extent from cancer, the report says.


A conversation with food historian — and futurist — Robyn Metcalfe

In her new book, “Food Routes: Growing Bananas in Iceland and Other Tales from the Logistics of Eating,” Metcalfe takes a detailed look at how food is grown, processed, transported, and consumed.

The pure pleasure of Puffworks peanut butter puffs

They are organic and gluten-free, and healthier than some puffs dusted with cheesy orange.

Red-grape clafoutis

Recipe: Instead of traditional cherries in a French clafoutis, dot the custard with seedless red grapes

The grapes do not blanket the entire dish, but there are enough so every spoonful has fruit.

Upcycled snacks never tasted so good

Regrained Supergrain, a West Coast company run by home-brew enthusiasts Dan Kurzrock and Jordan Schwartz, rescues nutritious grain leftover from brewing beer.

Mussels with chorizo, basil, and mint

Seasonal Recipes

Recipe: Aromatic mussels are steamed on a bed of chorizo, fennel, tomatoes, basil, and mint

Mussels require some effort on behalf of the cook, but they’re relatively inexpensive and well worth the time.

Taste of history: Yeast from 1886 shipwreck makes new brew

The most distinguishing feature of Jamie Adams’s new ale isn’t its hoppy bite but its compelling backstory: It’s brewed from yeast in bottles of beer that went down on a doomed steamship and languished on the ocean floor for 131 years.

The big orange dinosaur in Saugus is now holding a giant replica doughnut — an advertisement for a nearby shop.


Big orange dinosaur on Route 1 had a temporary sidekick: a giant glowing doughnut

The glazed doughnut was fastened to the tiny arms of the tyrannosaur by the folks at Kane’s Donuts, who recently opened a second location nearby.

Looking for a place to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? You came to the right place.

Help Desk

You’re in luck: A list of where to celebrate this St. Patrick’s Day

From Guinness to step dancers to Irish poutine, these restaurants will make you feel lucky.

Tomohiro Shinoda, of Yume Ga Arukara.

Hot Ticket

Two (very different) award-winning restaurants team up for one delicious night

Yume Ga Arukara and Pammy’s join forces for one night only March 31.

Brisket Sandwich at Da Bomb BBQ in Revere.


In Revere, barbecue that’s da bomb

Da Bomb BBQ food truck was launched about a year and a half ago by Meaghan Fitzgerald and Chad Schaeffer, who quickly followed up with a restaurant on Broadway in Revere.


Night Shift Brewing to open next week with sit-down service, full menu

Plus, we say goodbye to Amsterdam Falafelshop and hello to brunch at Citrus & Salt.

Quick Bite

French comfort food all day at Colette Wine Bistro in Porter Square

Order breakfast, lunch, or supper at this new Cambridge cafe. Come when you have a meeting and you’ve promised yourself that you’re not going to one of those places where you bus your own table.

Swaddled in hot sheets during a detoxifying herbal wrap at Gurney’s Seawater Spa in Newport, R.I.

Chilling out at a cozy spa: Where to bliss out, warm up, and get your glow back

New England’s inn-based spas offer a place to escape into a cocoon of cozy, featuring luscious seasonal treatments that will make the long road to summer a bit more comfortable.

Cooking | Magazine

Recipes: Three stir-fried dinners made with a wok

Satisfy cravings for intense flavors with three-cup chicken, beef and ginger, and pork with shiitakes.

BOSTON, MA - 3/11/2019: L-R Garrett Harker the Proprietor & Partner of Eastern Standard & Island Creek Oyster Bar, Louis DiBiccari of Create Boston, David Bazirgan of Bambara, Brian Hillmer the executive chef Comm Servings, Andy Husbands from The Smoke Shop and David Waters CEO of Community Servings. A group of BOSTON CHEFS TO VOLUNTEER IN COMMUNITY SERVINGS KITCHEN (David L Ryan/Globe Staff ) SECTION: NAMES TOPIC 12namesServings


Garrett Harker, Andy Husbands get things cooking at Community Servings

Chefs gathered Monday ahead of the nonprofit’s annual LifeSavor fund-raiser on March 28.

Clockwise from top left: Dimitri (left) and Pandelis Athanasiadis work at Esperia Grill, where you can enjoy Greek avgolemono soup (front) and vegetable-bean soup; traditional Greek meatballs, keftedes, served with lemon and a yogurt-cucumber sauce; and rectangular spinach pies.

What she’s having

Family-run Esperia Grill in Brighton serves Greek comfort food as it’s made at home

If you’re looking for warmth and nourishment, try avgolemono, Greek egg-lemon soup with rice. When made well, as it is at this kouzina, it’s a beautiful bowl with a strong broth and lots of citrus.

By the Glass

A Boston sommelier reflects on travels in Chile

Benjamin Oram, who marks his twelfth year at Meritage this month, is too humble to admit it, but he’s one of the most trusted wine pros in town. When he recommends Chilean wine to his guests, they pay attention.

Food safety is important. Here’s how to stay current on recalls

What are food recalls, how are they implemented, and how should we interpret the number of them?

Make a date with this simply sweet syrup

Sylvie Charles, a doctor in San Francisco, launched Just Date Syrup two years ago because she had often searched for a tasty alternative to refined sugar for her patients.

The lucky ones will score a corned beef and cabbage burrito

The Mexican-Irish fusion burrito was first introduced seven years ago at Anna’s Taqueria.

Coca-Cola/Diet Coke has its loyal fans who prefer it over Pepsi/Diet Pepsi.

Why we’re fiercely loyal to our favorite brands of food

Will you only eat Skippy? Is it Cains mayonnaise or bust? Blame it on the Mere-exposure effect.


The results of our salmon tasting

Here are the tasting results with the prices the author paid on the day the salmon was bought, all of it as fillets, with the skin intact on most.

5-spice braised tofu steaks

The confident cook

Recipe: Serve seared and braised tofu steaks with a deeply flavorful 5-spice sauce

Tofu can be a versatile base for many dishes, both vegetarian and meaty. Serve it in a stir-fry, as a sandwich filling, in soups, or let it shine, as we do here, as the centerpiece of a vegetarian meal.

Salmon comes in many varieties including (from left) British Columbia, Canada, Norway, Faroe Islands, Scotland, and Alaska Sockeye.

Buying salmon is confusing. So we looked into it — and tasted different varieties

It’s pretty and pink, on everyone’s menu, and a popular item at fish counters. What kind should you buy?

Send some TeaLC

Tea Hive is an online tea-of-the-month club and marketplace that lets people enjoy fine quality teas from all over the world.

East meets West at Silk Road Uyghur Cuisine in Cambridge

Just a short walk up Cambridge Street from the Lechmere T stop will lead you to tables draped with red, blue, and yellow atlas silk, a traditional Uyghur handicraft. There you will be served savory halal lamb kebab, noodle, and dumpling dishes that are quintessential Uyghur.

Getting Salty

Getting Salty with Donato Frattaroli of Artu, Il Molo, and Victory Point

Donato Frattaroli hails from a restaurant family that owns countless restaurants in the North End and beyond.

Double shot

Matt Viser | Double Shot

// The buzz on coffee and the people who drink it

Presidential coffee history, the Costco coffee habits of Michael Dukakis, and a journey for the perfect cup.