New England seaweed the next big thing in local food?

Paul Dobbins, president of Ocean Approved, a kelp farming operation in Maine, hauled in his crop.

Ocean Approved

The rich nutritional content and low environmental footprint of native seaweeds makes their cultivation a promising venture.

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Disease linked to childhood stress

If you have to endure distress during just one period, childhood is a more vulnerable time, a new Harvard study found.

Accessibility issues persist for disabled

Navigating Boston can still be a challenge, marked by seemingly small barriers that can range from humiliating to insurmountable.


What doesn’t work against hot flashes

The North American Menopause Society’s report on the effectiveness of nonhormonal treatments for hot flashes said that only a few pass muster.

Take a step back to ease homework stress

Parents shouldn’t be worrying about their kids’ homework. If children aren’t getting assignments completed, that’s a problem for the teacher and child to solve together.

My Workout

// Joan Wallace-Benjamin, 61, President and CEO, The Home for Little Wanderers

“Three or four days a week I take classes — spin, Zumba, barre strength — at Life Time Athletic or work out independently on my own.”

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// Stress of prejudice may harm long-term health

The participants who reported that they were exposed to prejudice showed a problem with stress hormones in their early 30s.

// Study looks at relation of organs to aging and disease

What aging looks like on a cellular level may depend on what organ you’re talking about, a new study suggests.

Elementary school girl child having cafeteria lunch at table.


Kids eat healthier when given more time for lunch

During short lunch periods, students were less likely to pick up fruit, and they consumed significantly less of their entrees, milk, and vegetables.

// Taking a flexible approach to what is yoga

From Acro to Broga, niche offshoots have been designed to attract people who might not practice on their own.

// My workout: Dr. Lyle Micheli

The director of Boston Children’s Hospital sports medicine talks about working out and commuting by bicycle at 75.

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// Stress’s ill-effect on mental illness

Animals exposed to trauma were more likely to develop PTSD if they had been stressed first, found MIT professor Ki Ann Goosens.

Gearing Up

Kick it up a notch for soccer season

Soccer, in New England, is a chief extracurricular activity. Here’s what kids might need to stay safe and work hard on the field.

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// Back to school means extra attention

As school starts again, some parents breathe a sigh of relief. Others find the transition back to school more anxiety-provoking.


// New study links iron levels and appetite

A surprising new study has found that iron-rich foods could increase appetite and lead to overeating.

Deep Breath.

// First college class: stress 101

A full 50 percent of college students face a mental health problem, such as anxiety, depression, or substance abuse.


How clean are your greens? Not very

There’s a booming business in spinach that is pre-washed, according to the packaging. But how clean does that actually make it?

// Sadly, how we perceive color

Sadness makes us less able to distinguish colors on the blue-yellow spectrum, according to a new study.

Jim Koch kayaked in Apponagansett Bay in South Dartmouth.

My workout: Jim Koch

The chief executive of the Boston Beer Co., which brews Sam Adams, talks about how he avoids the dreaded beer belly.

Special section: Mass. health care law

Massachusetts health care law

Here you will find coverage of the law’s provisions, the debate that led to its enactment, Romney’s role in its passage, and what’s happened in Massachusetts since the law passed.