Gearing Up

Tips on reducing cost of triathlon gear

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Boston Triathlon’s Michael O’Neil finds many people are discouraged by the cost of gear. Here are some of recommendations for a lower-cost starter kit.

// Chinese medicinal plant may lead to obesity wonder drug

Thunder god plant could be potent obesity treatment.

Deep breath

// Breaking the stress-headache link

For many stress and headaches are inextricably linked.

Deep Breath

At the office, mental health first aid training

National Council for Behavioral Health runs a program that aims to become as widespread as CPR training.

// Battling childhood obesity

A Massachusetts General Hospital program set up to fight childhood obesity focuses on improved education and support for physicians and patients.

My workout

// Rachel Kaprielian’s fitness regimen

The regional director of the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services talks about her fitness routine.

// Why we’re healthier in the summer, sicker in the winter

Almost a quarter of our genes, including those that regulate the immune system, shift with the seasons, according to a study in Nature Communications.


// Heavy late-night snacker? Might be all in your head

Snacking may be the result of reduced brain activity in response to food in the evening as compared to the morning.

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// PTSD linked to cellular aging, younger death

A new study suggests that stress can take years off your life — but scientists are just beginning to understand how and how much.

Gearing Up

// Now it’s easier to be mindful of being mindful

Smartphone apps and online programs can help you integrate mindfulness exercises into your everyday activities.

Social Media

// Lessons of the ‘hack crash’

The lesson here may be: Fight the machine — or at least don’t trust it without question.

Rose Fiorino (left) sees nurse practitioner Gail Metcalf at least once a month.

New model aims to curb health costs with personal care

Medical professionals are moving to an approach that rewards providers for sticking to a budget while keeping patients out of hospital beds.

Home Life

Family conflict, financial strain linked to childhood obesity

A new study suggests family-related factors also play a role when it comes to kids becoming overweight or obese, particularly girls.

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How to make stress work for you

In a new book called “The Upside of Stress,” Kelly McGonigal argues that there’s one key difference between helpful and harmful stress: mindset.

Michael Sloan

Texting reduces need for pain medication during surgery

Individuals who texted during a minor procedure required significantly less pain medication than those who did not, a study shows.

// My workout: Jessica Treadway

Author and writing teacher Jessica Treadway talks about how she uses tennis to stay in shape and how she finds time to do it.

Beta Test

Profiled by Crystal

Crystal is a new Boston and Nashville-based startup that aims to improve on the basic Google search.

// Using new habits against compulsive behaviors

Noelle Fogg has struggled to overcome her Body-Focused Repetitive Behavior, a disorder that causes people to damage their own body tissues.

gearing up

// Wearables take fitness to new level

These devices provide real-time feedback to help you maximize your workout and avoid injury.


// E-cigarettes could make it harder to quit smoking

There’s hot debate about whether e-cigarettes are a good thing or a bad thing.

// Need to relax a little? Try getting a pet

Pets can help reduce stress.

Special section: Mass. health care law

Massachusetts health care law

Here you will find coverage of the law’s provisions, the debate that led to its enactment, Romney’s role in its passage, and what’s happened in Massachusetts since the law passed.