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    Eating Well magazine teams up with CDC to create heart-healthy recipe website

    Magazine teams up with CDC to create WEBSITE
    OF heart-healthy recipes

    The federal government teamed up with Eating Well magazine to create a new website featuring creative, nutritious recipes that are good for your heart and waistline. The recipes are also lower in sodium, which can help those seeking to control their blood pressure.

    “This resource helps people see that it’s not about giving up the food you love, but choosing lower sodium options that taste great,” said Dr. Tom Frieden, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which helped develop the site. “We can prevent 11 million cases of high blood pressure each year if everyone reduced their daily sodium intake to 2,300 milligrams.”

    To reduce sodium, the free recipes on the “Million Hearts” website — which can be found at — focus on using fewer packaged foods and sauces and instead flavoring foods with natural ingredients, dried spices, and a minimum of table salt. Using fewer packaged foods may add an extra step or two, but the recipes aren’t too difficult or time consuming. A taco recipe, for example, requires you to steam tortillas in the microwave before placing them in the oven to bake into a crispy taco shell that’s lower in sodium.


    Recipes for chicken, fish, meat, and vegetarian dishes are rated by those who have tried them, and the site also has a variety of dessert recipes.

    For those trying to lose weight, the site includes a 28-day reduced-calorie meal plan with a list of what to eat at every meal plus a weekly shopping list. D.K.

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