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Here is how a blind or visually impaired commuter would use the PERCEPT application to navigate the inside the Arlington MBTA station:

1. Open the application on a smartphone.

2. Choose either inbound or outbound by tapping the screen when prompted.

3. The application will then give audio directions to lead the user to the location of an electronic “tag” — which uses technology similar to what the MBTA fare gates use to read a Charlie Card. For example, the directions might direct a user to a tag “on your right side wall before the metal gate,” or to “turn left and follow your right-hand wall past the elevator until you reach the opening.”

4. The user can either place the back of their phone near the tag to receive the next set of directions, or the user can swipe their phone to receive the next set of instructions.

5. The next set of audio directions will lead the user to the next tag, and the process will continue until the commuter has been directed to the train.

6. When the commuter gets off the train, they can swipe through the application to choose which exit they would like to be directed to.